Publishers: why is it safe to launch sponsored article campaigns with Do-follow links at Getfluence?

Thomas LAPORTE • 7 November 2023 • 3 min read
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We work with serious companies.

Getfluence selects the advertisers who use our marketplace according to :

  • Their business activities
  • Company History
  • The seriousness of their sponsored article campaign budget
  • Their marketing objectives
  • Their understanding of the challenges of producing sponsored articles

In this way, we provide the media with serious collaborations that enable them to publish quality content that readers will appreciate and, therefore, appreciated by Google for its added value.

It’s all about the quality of the content published and the seriousness of the advertiser (its activity).

Quality content secures all forms of collaboration.

Generally speaking, writing and publishing quality content is the key to success, whether organic or sponsored.

If the content is exclusive, informative, relevant to your media’s theme and likely to be of interest to your readers, a sponsored article will be fully appreciated by Google; when it sees the time spent on the article by your audience, the relays on social networks, and many other performance indicators.

Integrating one or more Do-follow links presents no risk if inserted in quality articles on real media (and not media made for SEO, called PBN: Private Blog Network).

Whether a link is No-follow or Do-follow, it must be integrated naturally into the content and complement/ benefit the content through this complementary link. It can have an optimised anchor or not; the important thing is that it’s useful for the content and the readers.

Real media are rarely, if ever, penalised by Google!

Real media haven’t been penalised by Google for years. If you have an audience, you produce organic content regularly, and the proportion of sponsored articles remains much lower than your organic content, you’re not taking any risks, with or without a Do-follow link.

The important thing is to produce quality organic content regularly and have quality sponsored content.

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