Sponsored Articles and Strong Media Brands, A Winning Formula?

Thomas LAPORTE • 25 January 2022 • 11 min read
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By now, most of us know the importance of using sponsored content to increase brand awareness and audience engagement. 

In fact, this form of marketing is expected to surpass $402 billion by 2025, with more advertisers becoming aware of the benefits of appealing to audiences using a more natural approach. 

Sponsored articles can generate far more consumer engagement than traditional display advertising. 

Why’s that?

Because publishers, rather than the brand, write sponsored articles. So, the reader is more likely to trust and take an interest in the content. 

However, not all sponsored content has the potential to achieve advertising success. If you don’t pick a suitable publisher for your sponsored content, you might end up wasting your time and money. 

Choosing the right media platform to promote your brand is one thing; Making sure your publisher is well-respected and renowned is another. 

This article examines the benefits of sponsoring powerful media brands to publish your brand’s content and how you can get started if you’re new to this marketing method.

Why Choose a Strong Media Brand For Your Sponsored Content?

Premium Publishers Offer Higher Brand Lifts

Distributing your sponsored content through a premium publisher’s platform helps you achieve a 50% higher brand lift than if you’d published it on your own network. That said, this holds true only if you’ve chosen a strong media platform to showcase your brand. 

The importance is on positioning your brand with a relevant media presence in the industry. The more influential the publisher in your market, the greater potential you have to make the right impact on your desired audience and hopefully entice them enough to become your customers. 

Premium Publishers Are More Trustworthy

Over the years, consumers have become less trustworthy of the content they access online. 

For example, a UK study showed that to 97% of participants, the credibility of the news content they received depended on the trustworthiness of the news source distributing it in the first place. Consequently, most participants reported that they trusted renowned media platforms like the BBC but didn’t trust news from unknown sources on social media. 

What does this mean for sponsored content? 

Simply: When you publish your content on a media outlet your target audience respects and trusts, the audience is more likely to trust what a publisher says about your brand. 

When people trust a publisher, they’ll trust your brand by default, and you’ll have an easier time converting them into actively paying customers. 

Premium Publishers Have a Loyal Audience

A premium media experience is one the reader is enticed to seek out. Premium publishers have a meaningful relationship with their audiences, and this relationship is likely to be deep and ongoing. 

Using a premium publisher ensures your product or service is communicated to an audience that truly cares about the publisher’s content. That isn’t link bait or purchased traffic; It’s real people who have a deep connection with the publisher. 

For advertisers, premium translates into quality. In fact, you can expect super high-value content from premium publishers. Besides, that’s one of the reasons why they’ve managed to build a loyal following. So, the audience of a premium publisher is premium, too, and is far more likely to engage with the content than the audience of a non-premium media outlet. 

What Else Should You Consider?

You should now know the significance of choosing a trusted publisher to produce sponsored content for your business. 

But things don’t stop there.

You should also keep in mind the importance of relevance. A high-quality, well-known publisher might not necessarily have the audience that you want to appeal to. 

It’s worth researching a publisher’s audience to learn more about gender, age demographic and common interests before investing in sponsored content.  

Remember that.

In Summary

There are clear advantages to sponsoring your content with a premium publisher. Not only can you expect high value content, but you know you’re reaching out to an audience, which is much more likely to engage with your product or service.  

Consumers are unlikely to think of publishers as premium. But the premium label comes from the experience that a publisher can give to the reader. If a reader respects a publisher and is engaged enough to keep up with the publisher’s content, this gives the publisher a premium status. 

If you’re struggling to find premium publishers for your sponsored content campaigns, you’re not looking in the right place. At Getfluence, you can choose renowned publishers from our catalogue of specialized websites and influential media to deliver the best possible sponsored content and convert prospects into paying consumers.

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