Getfluence clarifies Radio France’s allegations and reaffirms its commitment to ethics and transparency.

Thomas LAPORTE • 1 March 2023 • 5 min read
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Getfluence clarifies Radio France’s allegations and reaffirms its commitment to ethics and transparency.

March 1st, 2023, Toulouse

Getfluence has taken note of the article recently published by the investigative unit of Radio France and relayed by several media outlets, which questions the practices of our company.

We would like to express our deep regret and commitment to addressing the concerns raised in this article.

According to Radio France, advertising articles have been disseminated from our marketplace without the mention “sponsored”. We want to reassure our clients and media partners by stating that we take this issue very seriously.

It is important to note that we offer an option to search for articles without a sponsored mention, as legislation varies from country to country. However, this does not require publishers to apply it. Each media can define its offers in its advertising and legal context, and each media is responsible for its offers.

In an international marketplace context, where legislation varies by country, we are constantly working to ensure that the campaigns disseminated by our marketplace comply with the regulations in force and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Radio France adds that an influence agency would have used our marketplace to publish misleading stories in favour of its clients. This agency was not specifically named by the journalist. And, despite our request, no material evidence or elements have been published to allow us to identify it.

Moreover, a number of false statements punctuate the article, including the fact that we are a reputation agency. In order to ensure transparency and accuracy of information, it should be noted that Getfluence is not a reputation agency. We do not offer consulting services, but we are a means for agencies to disseminate sponsored content through our platform.

Getfluence can be used to address reputation issues, as a means of serving agencies and brands.

We refuse to collaborate with companies that do not deserve to be supported in the development of their reputation. 

This includes companies offering misleading products/services, companies wishing to correct their reputation following convictions or fraudulent activities, governments and other political actors, companies with sensitive activities for the general public or not respecting the law, as well as actors advocating hatred or racism.

At Getfluence, we are deeply committed to ethics and transparency.

Finally, we would also like to emphasise that sponsored content aims to offer value to readers by inviting them to discover a brand by providing useful information in an advertising framework, instead of intrusive advertising formats.

“Sponsored content” is one of the most effective advertising means currently available, as internet users are becoming more mature and appreciate receiving useful information, rather than just a commercial message.

The credibility of Getfluence is based on the trust of our clients, partners and collaborators. We are therefore committed to working transparently and responsibly to always ensure that our marketplace meets the standards.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasise that we respect the work of journalists and are open to answering any questions or requests for information from them. We firmly believe that press freedom is a fundamental pillar of our society and that the work of journalists must be respected and supported.


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