Sponsored Content Outperforms Traditional Ads

Thomas LAPORTE • 30 November 2021 • 8 min read
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Spending time, effort and money on a sponsored content campaign can feel risky, especially if you’ve never invested in sponsored content before. 

You might be worried about sponsored content’s effectiveness, whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, make more sales, or improve your website’s SEO. How can you ensure the money you spend on sponsored content is worthwhile?

Traditional ads are still a popular choice for marketers today, though data suggests that global spend on this ad format isn’t increasing at the rate it used to. The demand for sponsored content, on the other hand, has soared, and the industry is predicted to be worth $402 billion by 2025.

In this article, we examine the most current data about sponsored content vs traditional ad formats and how sponsored content is set to outperform traditional ads in the near future. 

industry of sponsored content is predicted to be worth 402 billion

Get ready for it. 

Sponsored content is approximately 22 times more engaging than banner ads! 

Unbelievable, right?

But there’s a good explanation behind it. 

Modern website visitors have developed banner blindness. They subconsciously ignore advertisements presented in traditional banner form. 

On the other hand, sponsored content is so much more engaging because users choose to interact with it. For instance, readers decide to click on a branded article because they’re genuinely intrigued by the title and want to learn more. 

In a reader’s mind, therefore, branded articles are more valuable than banner ads, which, as shown above, they don’t even notice. 

If you’re looking to launch a new product or simply introduce new customers to your business, sponsored content may be the best option for you. 

Sponsored content drives 59% more brand recognition than other digital ad formats, meaning that customers are more likely to remember a brand if they hear about it through sponsored content than through a traditional advertisement. 

Brand recall is pivotal from a marketing perspective. Even if you don’t sell to a particular customer, they’re more likely to remember your brand name after they learn about you. So, when considering making a purchase category in the future, your brand will be the first to come to mind.

According to a study by Nielsen, premium publishers greatly encourage new customers to trust your brand, giving it a 50% higher brand lift than traditional ad formats. 

Besides, when you sponsor articles with influential media outlets, you can appeal directly to the publisher’s audience without annoying them with a blatant ad. 

And because consumers are learning about you from a trusted source, they’re more likely to actively consider your brand if and when they need to purchase a product. 

sponsored content provides a higher brand lift

When Consumers Enjoy Content, They Become More Receptive

The same Nielsen study found that when consumers are exposed to relatable, captivating and high-quality content, they’re more likely to be more receptive to brand messaging. 

While traditional ads have the potential to be all of these things, it’s definitely easier to engage an audience with sponsored content. 

In fact, a sponsored article is much more likely to be relatable and captivating than a banner ad. 


Because it’s produced by a publisher that the reader respects and likely has a lot in common with (i.e. fishing enthusiasts may choose to get their information from a well-respected fishing blog). 

Keep in mind, though, that when published by reputable media, sponsored articles must be high-quality.

Sponsored content is no longer a new, experimental concept. On the contrary, it’s just as likely to be included in a marketing campaign as traditional advertising. And, judging by the previously presented statistics, it may even prove a better investment. 

An estimated 74.5% of communications professionals now account for sponsored content in their marketing spend. While putting your eggs in multiple baskets is still important for a well-rounded marketing campaign, many advertisers see the value in making sponsored content a big part of their marketing efforts. 

In Summary

Even though the data concerning the popularity of sponsored content is still relatively limited, what we know suggests that this form of advertising is more attractive to the online audience than traditional advertising methods. 

Presenting advertisements in a form that the reader enjoys has real potential to boost engagement and ultimately drive sales. Remember that. 

If you’re looking for a simple way to kickstart a sponsored content campaign, check out Getfluence. We make it easy to collaborate with some of the biggest media influencers and publish sponsored articles that reach worldwide audiences. 

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