Advertisers: Why Launching Your Dofollow Link Campaigns with Getfluence is Safe?

Monita To • 20 May 2024 • 4 min read
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A Dofollow link is a type of link that passes authority and popularity from the referring site to the linked site. It does not require any particular HTML attribute and naturally tells Google’s crawling robots that they can index the content of the corresponding page. Using this type of inbound links can improve its ranking in search engine results (SERP).

On the contrary, a Nofollow link is a link for which a “rel=nofollow” attribute has been added to the code. This attribute tells Google bots that they do not need to index or reference this content. The link then does not transmit any “link juice” or authority to the linked site. This will therefore not influence its ranking in search results.

At Getfluence, we guarantee control over the indexing of Dofollow articles and their availability for a period of 12 months after publication, unless otherwise indicated in the catalog.

We work with authentic media outlets that prioritize high-quality thematic Dofollow links.

We only select authentic media outlets that regularly publish original content and have significant traffic in their field.

Therefore, launching sponsored article campaigns with Dofollow links poses very minor risks if you adhere to best practices, such as:

  • Writing or having written unique, quality, informative content that is relevant to the theme of the chosen media outlet. Your content must be of genuine interest to the chosen media outlet’s audience!
  • Place your SEO links (Dofollow and possibly optimized) in the “natural” context of your content and with an SEO approach consistent with your link and anchor profile.

In general, real media outlets (as opposed to media outlets designed for SEO, the so-called PBNs: Private Blog Network) are rarely penalized by Google.

Collaborating with real and influential media outlets provides security, influence, and real benefits for your SEO.

In general, the quality of the content is paramount. You must write exclusive and high-quality content that will interest readers to the maximum. Therefore, choose a topic for your article that best matches the audience of the media outlet. This is the most important aspect!

Google can see how long each reader spends on the article, whether the article is shared on social networks and appreciated, etc. It can thus choose to value the article and the article’s links based on the quality and overall appreciation.

By collaborating with real media outlets that have a genuine audience in your field, you maximize your chances of having your article valued and read by readers but also appreciated by Google. It is when you publish low-quality content on “fake” media outlets (designed solely for SEO) with over-optimized links that the risk exists.

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