Code of Ethics

Last update : 7 September 2023

Our goal

One of our main mission is to respect the audience of all media and thus providing upfront control with guidelines to prevent inappropriate usage of our marketplace.

We know media very well and we understand the importance of their relationship with their audience.
As publishers’ partners, we want to bring them a safe environment to work so they feel comfortable when they collaborate with us.

Our commitment

At Getfluence we understand the importance of fostering a healthy, safe, and ethical environment for both advertisers and publishers.

Our commitment to ensuring that all types of media outlets added to our platform meet our strict standards is unwavering, and we require that the campaigns generated on our platform respect our guidelines. In 2023, we are taking steps to:

  1. Establish a comprehensive ethical guideline to share with our partners.
  2. Strengthen our media screening and moderating process.
  3. Streamline our campaign monitoring process to ensure compliance with our policies.
  4. Continuously monitor our marketplace and take swift action when necessary.

Standard guidelines

As a team, our primary goal is to maintain a high standard of ethics and trustworthiness in our marketplace. To achieve this, we have established clear criteria for monitoring and moderating all types of media in our portfolio, whether it be a website, blog, or any other form of media outlet.

  1. Refuse promotion of hate, discrimination, or adult content.
  2. Evaluate every media channel added to our marketplace.
  3. Thoroughly moderate new media to ensure ethical standards.
  4. Operate a monitoring and moderation process to actively seek out problematic campaigns.
  5. Will take appropriate action to resolve any issues identified.
  6. Committed to creating a safe environment for advertisers and publishers to work.

Evolution to increase our standards

We also aim at always improving our current standards by adapting it to market environnement and regulations.
You can check all recent updates regarding our guidelines evolution in our Code of Ethics here under.

Download our complete Code of Ethics here (PDF).

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