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The guarantee to be published!

The flagship of native advertising, a sponsored article is written by a media outlet and distributed by the latter in return for payment. It allows you to naturally mention your brand, product or service in an informative article, including the link to your site, in order to encourage reader engagement.

Why use sponsored articles ?

Raise your brand awareness

Associate your brand with an influential media in your business sector by publishing high value-added content!

Strengthen your brand image

For a strong brand image, broadcast your content on the media of reference in your sector, addressing your target audience.

Control your e-reputation

Control your online reputation by publishing your brand content in the most trusted and authoritative media in their field, which have the absolute confidence of their readers.

Optimize your SEO

Improve your visibility and ranking in search engines by taking advantage of the editorial influence of the most beautiful international media.

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Simplify your sponsored articles campaigns

Identify the media that suits your needs

In our unique database of +10 000 influential media, you can easily find what you are looking for using our filters: industry, country, languages, reader profile, traffic...

The media accepts the mission

You will be informed as soon as the media accepts your mission proposal. It then undertakes to provide you with the article in accordance with your brief within the desired timeframe. If the media refuses, the assignment is immediately refunded to your accountgetfluence.

Your article is online

Your article is published under the conditions indicated in your briefing. On your account, access a report listing all the articles published.

Everything is controlled by getfluence

After each completed order, getfluence performs a daily automatic check to ensure that the article is still active and meets your briefing.

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