getfluence takes a leading position in Branded Content!

, 3 March 2020

getfluence was born two years ago with the firm desire to meet the online visibility needs of French advertisers through native advertising. Over time, our platform has continued to evolve to fit your requests, your different issues and your ambitions. Quickly, we built an international team to develop new markets and respond to brands and agencies who want to conquer Europe and the world.

Today, we count more than 10,000 influential press media and specialized websites, in UK and worldwide. To serve your business objectives even more efficiently, we developed a new offer within our database. 

This is why, we want to present you our evolution and affirm our vision:

getfluence: the leading player in Branded Content 


What is Branded Content?

As an integral part of Influence Marketing, it allows you to rely on the notoriety of reputable media in your sector in order to promote your content.

This branded content on the front page of relevant media in your field allows you to target a qualified audience. As the audience has chosen to read your content, you benefit from the influence and journalistic endorsement of the website.

It is the ideal solution for all companies with ambitious objectives to achieve in the short / medium term. But not only! It is also for those want/ wishing to build a strong brand image, and create a bond with its customers through quality content.

Although sponsored articles can boost your SEO, they are above all a complete package: brand image, e-reputation and brand awareness! 

Press Relations? Not exactly!

Positioned as a complementary strategy to the long-term work of press relations, sponsored articles provide you with a guarantee of publication!

Although press relations are free, they are more difficult to manage. Sometimes we need to communicate quickly, to be able to anticipate publications and to rely on the media’s reactivity; it is more complicated when a press release is widely distributed, without precise follow-up. A bottle thrown into the sea…

By accessing a database of influential media, you can see at a glance the key performance indicators. The price proposed by each media is also openly announced. There are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to finalizing the collaboration. You contact the media directly via a platform and save precious time in your campaigns. Moreover, you make sure that your article is published within the necessary timeframe.

The exchanges are centralised, the content is jointly validated, and the getfluence teams ensure that the terms of the partnership are respected.

What are the benefits for the media?

The influence of the press

The digital press enjoys a strong position today. Credible, informative, influential, more and more people are turning to this medium to inform themselves, to research, to compare.

It is therefore natural to monetize this influence, allowing you to increase your revenues with an advertising format that fits perfectly with your editorial line.

By publishing sponsored articles, you distribute quality informative content that is appreciated by your readers, loyal to your editorial line. You really increase your revenue. getfluence makes you visible to international brands and marketing agencies: offer complete visibility packages, adapted to your media as determined by you and your expertise.

Sure… but it takes time

The aim of our platform is to simplify life for both sides. By clearly defining your partnership conditions, you filter out advertisers who do not fit into your community standards. You remain free to accept or refuse, as well as to propose your media offers and promotions.

With getfluence, you can centralize all requests on one interface:

  • Collaboration requests
  • Exchanges and negotiation with the advertiser
  • Briefs, rereading
  • Payment

Optimize your time, manage and follow the steps, simply.

Whether you’re a brand, a marketing agency or an influential site, it’s in your best interest to collaborate with sponsored articles. Rely on the expertise of getfluence and its teams.

Choose the global Branded Content solution and start with getfluence


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