Types of Technologies and Sites Used In Online and Social Marketing for Consumer Research

, 23 July 2019

There are lots of new technologies used in online marketing nowadays including smartphones, social media, and CRM systems. All these technologies and tools help the modern business marketers to reach out to new customers as well as maintain a strong relationship with the existing ones. The primary objective of using these new technologies is to construct and maintain the flow of consumer data and marketing information.

  • The CRM systems for marketing help the organizations to identify their potential consumers and target them to generate leads for their sales team.
  • Social media marketing, on the other hand, implies the process of acquisition of the website traffic from different social media sites.

Social media is now used extensively in business marketing simply due to the reason that there are lots of different channels available that comes with different useful and innovative features. These sites include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Foursquare
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Yelp and lots more.

Social media is the most interactive forms of media marketing that allows the users to interact with each other as well as publish and share contents. Generally, the use of the internet is predominant but there are also other technologies that are used in this marketing process that enhances the user experience.

Different new technologies

There is a wave of new technologies that are used today by different businesses and marketing agencies. These help them to reach and research on the existing as well as the prospective customers. These ‘new’ tools and technologies include:

  • Internet advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Short code and text messaging
  • GPS
  • Social media
  • DVR
  • Smartphone applications and the list seem to go on and on.

All these tools and technologies now have become almost like a norm and are increasingly important for online and social media marketing.

Customer Relationship Management system

Customer Relationship Management or CRM system is one such a useful and most effective tool used by almost every marketer and business and reputable and reliable digital marketing agencies such as and others that ensure easier, faster and better interactions with clients, customers, and sales prospects. Using this technology also helps in several other aspects such as:

  • Organizing
  • Automation and
  • Synchronizing the business processes.

In short, CRM systems help in all sales activities along with marketing, technical support and customer service.

One of the most interesting and major marketing ability of this system is to identify, monitor and measure the performance of the multichannel campaigns that include:

  • Email
  • Google search
  • Telephone
  • Social media and
  • Direct mail.

The system can procure different useful metrics to monitor such performances such as the number of:

  • Clicks and the click-through rate
  • Positive and negative responses
  • Good and bad comments
  • Potential leads and rate of conversion
  • Successful deals and
  • Business revenue.

The web-focused CRM marketing solution helps the businesses to create and monitor particular web activities. This, in turn, helps them to build and maintain a fruitful and long-standing client relationship. The use of this technology helps the businesses to perform several activities such as designing:

  • Free downloads
  • Online web presentations and
  • Online video content.

In other words, the CRM system records and provides all necessary and relevant customer data and insights along with a huge volume of marketing information that helps the companies who use it in managing and engaging in their daily business operations.

The new social marketing trends

Social media marketing is in vogue that involves gaining website traffic through different social media sites. It also involves:

  • Peer recommendations
  • Addressing the market demands
  • Meeting the need for a heterogeneous group of individuals
  • Building brand personality and awareness and
  • Uniquely encouraging consumers to create their own content and a buzz around the product.

The primary focus of the businesses now is to create programs that usually focuses on the efforts of content creation that will not only attract the attention of the users but will also encourage them to read it and Share it with other readers in their social networks.

Typically, this form of marketing is more focused on word-of-mouth advertising. This enables the businesses to generate leads from the earned media instead of the paid media.

Social media sites

There are different types of social media sites businesses can now use for event promotion according to their need. Some of the most popular social media sites are:

  • Twitter: This site allows product promotion on an individual level. Short messages can be used to explain the use of the product to the followers. A link is added in the message to take readers to the website, photos, Facebook profile, or videos.
  • Facebook: This is a more detailed platform than Twitter and allows longer descriptions along with photos and videos. You can also include testimonials or comments of other followers on the product page.
  • Foursquare: This is a location-based networking site where the users can use their smartphones to check into locations. You can create a new page or venue and even claim an existing one. If you offer incentives to users to check into a specific location it will increase the footfall and retain your loyal customers.
  • LinkedIn: This is a business-related professional networking site that allows creating and posting professional profiles. It also allows networking and meeting other business professionals.

All these sites come with different widgets, features and technological features. These features will help businesses of any type, size, and nature to promote their brand, showcase their product and creative skills and perform different activities through various different social networking sites.

Whether you want to post blog entries or Twitter stream on your product web pages, these technologies will help you to do it all to generate sales leads and opportunities to gain business partners.

Marketing innovation trends

In place of the traditional print materials, digital products have replaced them to facilitate different types of marketing such as:

  • Internet marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Push notifications
  • MMS marketing
  • QR codes
  • Memes and many more.

Last but not least, the use of technology has changed even the concept of marketing entirely.

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