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Tips on Optimizing Your Instagram Account to Boost Your SEO

, 7 June 2019

The advent of social media has introduced more complexity into the SEO tactics because even though Google does not admit to factoring in social media profiles in its rankings, the content posted on the profiles of popular social media platforms like Instagram plays an important role. With social media growing at a very fast pace, there seems to be plenty of potential for the incorporation of the metrics of social media into SEO strategies. While no relationship as of now exists between your business’s SEO and its Instagram account, there are still a number of ways by which you can use Instagram to boost the business performance organically. Some practical tips:

Present a Vibrant Brand Image

When establishing the business Instagram account, the most important thing to consider is how to present your brand in the most interesting way to Instagram users. While brand marketers will undoubtedly go flat out to attract new customers and raise the level of engagement, they also need to keep in mind that the brand values and personality do not get disturbed or altered while presenting it on Instagram. Use all the elements available on Instagram, right from the bio to the photographs that you post on Instagram to reflect and reinforce the brand image and its personality. When your brand is presented in an attractive way on Instagram, it will lead to more engagement and real Instagram followers. The boost in social signals will lead to better SEO results.

Increase Customer Engagement

The use of various engagement-boosting devices like contests and freebies will ensure that the customers spend more time on your website thus sending out positive SEO signals to Google. The momentum you build on Instagram customer engagement can increase with your active involvement in responding to comments and observations by the followers as well as an active outreach program that has you liking posts of the followers and in the process laying the foundation of inviting user-generated content. According to, video content is more powerful in building customer engagement than ordinary photos. When a large number of customers get involved with your Instagram posts, it can lead to the creation of a lot of buzz around your brand that impacts your SEO and further boosts organic traffic.

Optimize Your Instagram Posts

Post optimization is fundamental to customer engagement and brand building. While Instagram demands that the photos you post are of very high quality and are interesting, they should be invariably accompanied by captions that are well written and engaging. Using the location feature and by Geotagging your posts, you can raise the visibility of your store for local customers. Using well thought-out hashtags, tagging users, as well as user-generated content strategically can pay rich dividends in customer engagement. A powerful CTA contained in the posts will help to boost organic traffic to your website, which metric will be picked up by Google when allocating a page rank.


Since there is yet no direct relationship between social media and Google’s search results, a lot of activity undertaken on Instagram at best has an indirect impact on SEO. Using properly researched hashtags and keywords as well as regularly posting content that attracts the attention of followers sends powerful social signals to search engines that have a positive impact on the page rankings.

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