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Online Business And Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

, 6 June 2019

There is a continual debate whether online business is better and will take over offline shopping. Well, the current trends and the predictions of the experts point towards it but with a variance. They say that both online as well as offline businesses will stay but the online mode will have a slight edge over offline business.

  • Over the past few years, especially after the internet came into the scene, everything has changed. The way the customers behave, their wants, how they think and interact, everything seems to have changed and is changing continuously.
  • On the other hand, there are constant changes in the digital landscape as well. You may have noticed the rise in using different social media platforms and the most recent memes are some of the lightning-in-a-bottle trends.

All this has forced the businesses to find new ways to cater to the demands and needs of the customers and keep up with the overarching changes in customer preferences. This is why and how the online marketing world evolved.

These changes are exciting. You will see new tech and trends that are followed by several businesses now that keep them on their toes as well as make their job exciting and rewarding at the same time. These changes that have brought the online business industry into existence have provided a lot of opportunities which might prove very costly if allowed to slip past.

However, it is sometimes very hard to keep up with the changes as it is hard to predict precisely what these trends will manifest in the future, near or far, or how fast these will develop and become indispensible.

  • That means you will need to be very observant and well conversant about the market and its prevailing trends so that you can judge the upcoming ones.
  • Itwill need constant researching and brainstorming so that you can take note and solidify a list of trends that you think will take the online business industry by storm in the next year.

In short, the online shopping trend is on the rise and is leaving the brick and mortar stores struggling behind. Therefore, more and more offline businesses are focusing on the online mode of doing business to keep up with their loss of sales.

Know your goals

You must know that people now are well conversant with the internet and the gen-next is brought up with its use. Now people want to get their deals completesin the simplest of ways and in the shortest of times from the convenience of their homes, whether it involves their simple day to day tasks, shopping, for business deal or even for going through the debt Consolidation before choosing a suitable option to take control of their debt.

Therefore, you will need to make sure that your business goals coincide with the goals of the customers. The primary goal should be to enhance the shopping experience and consider all those aspects that will ensure that all shoppers get and enjoyed your extraordinary service. These aspects include important areas such as:

  • The atmosphere
  • The interaction
  • The finding of new things
  • The colorful displays
  • The appeal
  • The categorization and
  • The general feeling to the senses.

A lot of stores experimentwith other new ways to provide unique experience to the online shoppers.

The trends to look out for

The evolution of VR is one significant trend followed by the online business site owners to enhance the shopping experience. However, there are a few other important trends that you should look out for in 2019 that will add to the experience of the shoppers whether they are shopping in-store, offline or online.

  • Bigdata: This is really big as far as the trends are concerned these days in shopping, especially online shopping. It is no more confined to the major players or big businesses. Big data is more prevalent now with over 6 million developers working on such projects. This has grown in accessibility courtesy, AI and machine learning making it easily available to the small and medium sized business owners. If you incorporate big data in your usual business infrastructure then you will be more competitive being able to tap into the thousands of data points of the customers that are now available on different advertising platforms and other marketing outreach methods.
  • Non-visual experience: Since 2017, the smart speaker industry blew up the way no one expected and it is now predicted that by 2022 these speakers will be the staple part of more than 55% of households in the US alone. The sale of more than 20 million units this year alone shows how people are getting accustomed with interacting with such devices in their routine and daily life. Marketers will be benefitted more and create a huge impact in communication if they focus on voice commands with no physical inputs or visual surface.
  • App capitalization: There is a wide and diverse variety of apps available now almost for everything such as map, review apps, and transportation. These are ingrained and strong real estate of Google and will help a business that utilizes it to grow.
  • Content and ads: More and more businesses are focusing on native ads and smarter content as these are expected to drive more than 74% of total ad revenue by early 2021. These ads and content helps online business sites to have more exposure due to its natural formatting and placement. You will have more engagement using these ads rather than the traditional banner ads that are annoying to the consumers as well.
  • Micro-moments: This is the moment when a customer uses their mobile device on the move. Online businesses capitalize on these micro-moments to get highest possibilities of success. You will need a mobile intensive strategy and a deeper demographic research for it using the new tools.

Apart from these, more focus on content marketing and influencer networks along with individualized communication will ensure one leg up in online visibility of your business keeping you prepared to face the challenges this year.

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