The four immediate things to consider for a website audit

, 28 May 2019

The online world is a dynamic one. No business owner would want his website to perform poorly. Every online business wants to gain maximum online visibility and brand awareness. And this is possible when you get your SEO, online marketing and website performance in perfect sync. Also, it is essential to realize SEO is continually changing. It’s because Google undergoes several algorithmic changes and updates. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the SEO best practices that you are implementing are in sync with these changes. A website audit helps you to find out, which are the areas where you need to work better.

The primary objective of a website audit is to improve your site performance. It is essential to reach out to an expert service provider when you decide to do a website audit, for expert guidance. However, there are a few immediate things to consider for your website audit.

1. The ad campaigns that are working/not working for you

When you conduct a revenue check using your website audit, you know the ad campaigns that are getting you the best results. You also get to see the campaigns that are fetching you little to no positive outcomes. Similarly, you could be reaching out to more people on Facebook than Twitter. A website audit enables you to choose those initiatives and campaigns that are working in your favor the most. As you close the ad campaigns and social media initiatives that are working less, you can focus on the ones that are working better.

2. Check if your website is mobile responsive

It’s been a long time that Google has declared its mobile-first index! Based on this update it is essential for sites to operate the same in mobile devices, the way it does in a laptop or computer screen. Your audit will reveal if the website is optimized for mobile or not. If not, then you need to take initiatives to ensure that the site is mobile responsive. It is one of the crucial factors in website ranks.

3. If your website speed is slow

The online audience doesn’t want to wait while clicking on a website. The average attention span is getting slim today. People are not ready to wait more than 6 seconds for a website to open. If your site is slow to load, chances are you will miss out in search ranks. There can be several reasons for this. It could be that you have pictures, videos, and media files that you need to compress in size to ensure that your website speed is more. That way you will not lose out on critical online viewers.

4. Your website content needs an update

Are there too much old content on your website? Do you have good but several old blog posts? If yes, then it’s a smart move to identify these content and blog post and refresh the content with a new perspective. You can use the facts and tweak the content flow.

There are several other things to consider when you are opting in for a website audit. Keep these four aspects on your top list, and you will make the most of your audit.

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