Why Artificial Intelligence is an Influencer to Digital Marketing

, 14 May 2019

AI has been a trending topic which has made its place in almost every field and now as we are in 2019 there have been a lot of advancements from virtual reality to AI based self-driving cars. Artificial Intelligence is normally associated with an intellect which is displayed by machines similar to the human mind and their behavior. With the help of AI, machines can resemble human behavior and perform various tasks such as thinking and then presenting solutions for problems. AI has assisted devices to learn from human experiences, and then they adjust their solutions according to the inputs provided by the user and as the time progresses machine becomes more intelligent. From Google Voice search commands to personalized eBay and Amazon recommendations, AI has completely changed the face of the digital landscape.

Association Between AI & Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital marketing are still in its evolving stages, but they both go hand in hand. Digital marketing is considered as one of the primary applications of AI which is in high demand these days. Its ability to analyze data inputs and to provide market predictions is bound to completely taken over the human role. Most of the marketing agencies and leading brands are utilizing automated digital marketing services in their operations as it will save their time and resources. The need for AI in marketing was felt because there were so many intricacies arising in data sizes which were increasing at an exponential rate. A research performed by Pega concluded that only 33% of consumers thought they are using technology with AI, but statistics revealed that 77% were unintentionally using an AI-powered device or service.

Control of AI on Digital Marketing

In the field of digital marketing Artificial Intelligence hold outstanding prospects as it has completely revolutionized the way things were done earlier. Now big data is perceived to be the new oil for systems powered by AI-based digital marketing. We are now just some clicks away from AI revolution, and it has substantially changed the face of digital marketing, some of which are discussed below:

Real-time customer support

When customers think of digital experience, the first thing which comes to their mind is speedy resolution and response. The inclusion of AI-based chatbots is automated tools which are embedded in sites to boost their online visibility and also gives the customer a feeling that they are talking to real customer service representatives. There are numerous AI chatbot programs which can be incorporated within websites, apps or email for engaging with customers in a better way. These are specialized programs which are trained to answer common queries, track orders and assist in solving simple issues. Further, these bots are available 24/7 which increases customer satisfaction because they are of the perception that there is someone available to listen to their problems.

Predictive Customer Behavior

The process of AI’s online decision making is comparatively flawless because it uses real numbers and patterns for making decisions. Artificial Intelligence holds power to predict customer behavior and then identify the most valuable leads which can later transform into valuable customers. The traditional forms of marketing have gone obsolete because customers are now looking for messages which are tailored according to their personal interests. A study performed by Accenture found that 40% of the consumers preferred to switch brands because they found no personalized effort of marketing from their end which eventually took their trust away from those brands. Further, this research concluded that there are around 43% of the consumers prefer to make purchases from companies which are offering them personalized customer experience.

What makes all this possible is AI which is using machine learning algorithms for analyzing customer data and then providing them with customized discounts and promotions. It is also providing brands with an option to optimize their contents specifically for every particular user thus displaying content which compels the consumer to make a purchase.

Better User Experience

The only thing which compels a customer to visit your website is their experience and interaction they had on a particular platform. Hence significant research is done to design and develop sites which will provide ease of use to the customer. Further, if the content appears relevant to the consumer, then they are more likely to visit and convert into recurring customers. This is all possible because of digital marketing where AI is incorporated to show content which is geographically appropriate for a user who is viewing it. By doing this, it gives the user the impression that a specific brand is made only for them.

Talking specifically about retail industry AI combined with digital marketing will become a game changer for consumers who only prefer to do online shopping. There is a new advancement introduced in this regard in which augmented reality will be combined with digital marketing thus allowing customers to try a product before actually making a purchase. Such apps will be embedded on sites or will be available on Android-based cells where the online shopper can try on clothes and judge an overall look and appearance of that clothing item without physically entering into the store.

How to Incorporate AI based Digital Marketing with Business

AI is becoming helpful and a lifesaver for digital marketers with every second passing by. There are some simple ways to utilize AI and digital marketing with your business:

Image Recognition

This is an advanced level of AI in which images are provided to the application for making an analysis based on their deep learning analysis tools. Further social media images can be utilized for understanding the behaviors, likes, dislikes, and requirement of users and then using this information for delivering data-driven results.

As CrowdWriter rightly asserts it:

Business without branding & Digital Marketing is like fish without water.”

Social Listening Tools

Business can improve and grow if they listen to what people are saying about them especially when they are online. This is possible by the inclusion of AI during website development and providing social listening tools to online visitors. These tools can keep track of how consumers respond and react to their brand and then transform that information into measurable results by performing data analytics.

AI-based Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is based on the social media presence of celebrities having varying levels of fame. This form of marketing can gain followers for specific products which are displayed by celebrities on their social media accounts. This form of digital marketing has completely changed the rules of marketing, and every other brand is looking to recruit social or web influencer with their launching campaigns.

The CEO & founder of Talent Resource, Mike Heller alleged:

When you have an influencer who has 30 million, 20 million or even 5 million followers then that’s more powerful than any other traditional media outlets marketing campaigns out there.”

What can we take away from AI in Digital Marketing?

Time is considered more valuable than money which can truly be related to digital marketing, although the technology is becoming costly, the results are compelling. AI-based digital marketing has provided arenas to complete tasks on time which are almost near to precision. Hence companies are not doubtful to invest in latest AI-powered Digital Marketing tools because, in the end, they are not an expense instead it is an improvised form of investment which is deemed to bring results and return on investment.

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