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Understanding the Role of Instagram Analytics in Promoting Your Brand

, 6 May 2019

With over 1 billion monthly active accounts, 25 million business profiles, 2 million monthly advertisers and over 500 million daily active users on Instagram, it is clearly evident that businesses are realizing the importance of this robust social media platform as an effective marketing tool. Yet if you fail to know precisely who are the people viewing your profile or seeing your ads, or if you are unable to know exactly how well your stories and posts are performing, and actually what value your Instagram account is driving, then it is a sheer waste of time to be on this platform.

If you are not in the habit of regularly evaluating all your important Instagram insights or analytics, then there is a chance that you are:

  • Targeting an audience that is not the right one for your brand or business.
  • Not posting frequently enough or posting too frequently.
  • Attracting irrelevant visitors obviously, to your official website.
  • Overlooking mentions which could have culminated in future partnerships.
  • Posting during wrong times or non-optimal hours or days.
  • Missing the golden opportunities to boost brand engagement.

Here are some of the ways Instagram Analytics help your business or brand to grow.

They Are Helpful in Understanding Your Target Audience

As per, “Who is your target audience? I’d bet you have an ideal demographic of followers you are pursuing. But does that align with the individuals who are seeing and interacting with your Instagram posts? Luckily, there’s an entire section of your Instagram analytics dedicated to informing you about your audience.”

If you take proactive steps to accurately understand your target audience using Instagram Analytics, it could prove to be immensely beneficial for your brand. For instance, an analysis of all your past Instagram posts could assist you in identifying your best time for sharing. Timing is certainly an important aspect of your Instagram marketing campaign. If you develop the habit of posting when your loyal fans and followers are online and at times when their level of alertness is at its highest, your Instagram posts would be driving more traffic, engagement, sales, and free Instagram likes. You must identify your best posting time using Instagram analytics. If you get into the habit of posting your content during the best times, you could boost your overall engagement.

They Are Effective for Creating Better Content

If you use Instagram analytics, you could easily find out what content is driving the best results and what content is not getting the expected response or engagement. If you are on a photo-oriented platform like Instagram, you would know which pictures are actually performing best. To figure out precisely what content is actually performing the very best, you could use Instagram’s built-in analytics or take the help of effective Instagram analytic tools. You could have a clear idea of precisely which content is liked or shared more. You could know the exact number of visitors to your Instagram profile, the amount of time they actually spent and the exact number of visitors who converted to sales or subscriptions.


Instagram Analytics are the best for demonstrating how well your campaign is performing and also, where you stand vis-à-vis competition. You must keep track of your Instagram marketing campaign and examine if it is getting positive responses or not. You may tweak your marketing strategy as per the insights provided by effective Instagram analytics tools. You must use the appropriate tools and track specifically the metrics that are relevant and important to your business.

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