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Tips To Consider For Choosing Content Writing Strategies

, 22 March 2019

The spine of every website, journal, magazine, textbook, etc. is its content. Everything that the above-mentioned examples contain are the content of these examples. Using a website, for example, it is said everything a website contains is known as content. The internet is the example I will be using throughout as everything or everyone uses the internet as a necessity than an additional asset. If you are a business and is yet to join the e-commerce development train, then you are most likely not going to be able to keep up with the competition. As a business owner or operator, you need knowledge of certain things like magento development unless you are ready to acquire the service of a good ecommerce development company‘s Back to content, the issue of contention today. We shall be looking at content only in the light of write-ups as against the overall view of what it really is.

This is very important as every other aspect of content depends on this aspect. This is like the foundation upon which other aspects of contents are built. Pictures, audios, and audiovisuals will only make sense on your website if there is a description or narration in the form of text or writing. Without that text or writing, people will struggle to grasp the actual message you want to pass across. This is the more reason why you should not just dish out anything in the name of written content. You need to plan, organize and execute your written content properly. This write up will give you tips to consider for choosing content writing strategies.

Pay attention to the basics

Elementary as they may sound, they will forever remain the rudiments for good content. Life is not the only thing to take one step at a time, you also take developing good content in that regard too. I cannot emphasize well enough how much wrong spellings will cost you. Your narration or description should cause your web visitors to make sense of the pictures and videos. I don’t think they will do that well when they do not make sense themselves. Avoid grammatical errors, it is a must. The essence of combining your words well is paramount. You should also avoid the use of passive voice in your sentences for as much as possible. When you observe an occurrence, try to reconstruct your sentence to remove it. Avoid the use of lengthy sentences, always put breaks in between. An average web user will get bored going through a sea of words. Instead of overly long sentences, stick to short and concise sentences.

Know your audience

Before you even put pen to paper, it will do you good to consider those who are the major shareholders or stakeholders in your write up. This will give you a clue on the direction to follow when developing your content. You would also know the best examples to use when making a description. It will even give you an idea of what is trending as regards people of that age, class, etc. If they are youths, you will be able to design contents to suit them and arouse their interest. You should also know that you should not be talking about managing when your stakeholders involve people who are affluent or celebrities.

Focus on your audience

I am sure that you are wondering the direction I’m coming from or going to. Some content writers tend to see their audience as an entity that needs the message they are passing across. This is an old business model; people now want to be seen as human beings. This is the more reason why your content should seem like you are speaking to somebody rather than like you are addressing a crowd. Even motivational speakers these days try to make individuals in the audience feel like he/she is talking to them. You can also employ this same strategy. Always use words like: you, I, yours and mine. This brings us to my next point. When citing an example, use one that they can easily relate to.

Take advantage of trends carefully

This is for budding individuals that need to increase the amount of traffic to their website using written content. This is a very good idea for catching the attention of web users who affiliate with or are affected by that trend. It is however not a long term strategy. You can do this by tweaking the headline of your content. Instead of saying “amazing ways to enjoy your holiday with minimal funds”, you can tag it “amazing ways to enjoy this Christmas with minimal funds”. The latter headline will command more click through rates if it is Christmas season.

Offer what is scarce with the aim to convert

The best way to do business is by doing what nobody is doing already. Truth be told, business owners have exhausted every form of business. There is hardly a business you want to go into that somebody has not started or is already conceiving the idea. The end point is that you will always have competition. One way to stay ahead of the competition is to offer something different. Funny enough, it may not have to be necessarily better than what is on the ground. As little as a handkerchief gift whenever you use a particular laundry service may cause a change in the tide as regards competition. When developing your content, try to bring in something different no matter how insignificant you may consider it to be. It may be in the form of quoting a regular customer or even using such a customer as an example. The aim of doing this is to trigger conversion. You can use this example “You can become like Ms. Jackson and get your own laundry delivered to your home on Sunday”.

Most articles on how to develop content focus mainly on the SEO aspect of it. Without a good rapport with those who get to view the content, even the highest SEO ranking would not be of much help.

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