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5 Tips to Create Great Content That Influencers Will Link to

, 21 March 2019

If you’re running your business online, attracting and working with influencers will really help you spread the message about your brand and attract a much bigger following. Influencers have many followers and are considered trustworthy sources of information when it comes to their followers.

No matter which platform you choose to use for sharing your online content, you will still be able to come in contact with many influencers. What’s most important is the type of content you create, as it will motivate influencers to want and work with you and promote your products and services to your followers. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

Choose the influencers you wish to work with

In order to be certain about the type of content you wish to create, you will have to know which influencers you would like to approach and start working with. If your business is still small and you don’t have many followers and customers, it will definitely be more difficult to come in contact with certain influencers online.

Neightan White, social media expert and blogger for SupremeDissertations notes: “By knowing the type of people you wish to attract with your content, you will be able to know what you need to create to catch their eye. Just a scroll through their social media page or blogs will help you see what they like to present their audience with”. This will really help you better your chances of settling a deal and working with them.

Find your target audience

In order to pick the right people to promote your products and services, you will need to think about the type of people that follow them and how interesting your content will be to them. Your target audience should also be the target audience of the influencers you will be working with. For example, if you wish to promote makeup products you should work with a beauty influencer and if you wish to promote jewelry you should aim for creating content that will appeal to an influencer that promotes fashion related topics.

In order for you to be able to create content which influencers will want to promote to their audience, you will have to pay attention to certain details about your target audience. First of all, you should keep in mind that their age is one of the most important factors, followed by their location.

Depending on the products or services you wish for an influencer to promote to their audience, you will need to be certain that they will appeal to their target audience as well as yours so that both of you will be able to benefit from this collaboration.

Create original content

One of the things that influencers like to do is show their audience that they are creating original content for their pages. There are so many people online who simply copy other influencers’ content and don’t put too much effort into creating something fresh and original.

The content you create, whether that is in the form of a picture, an infographic or a blog post will have to be interesting for the influencers you wish to approach. It should include a smart idea which is original and which will attract the audience of your desired influencers.

A good idea is to try and follow certain trends which are currently in fashion but also give them a twist which will make them unique and original for your own brand’s needs. People will deliberately search for certain trends on all social media platforms. As long as you stick to being original, following them won’t make your content blend into the crowd.

You should keep in mind that the more people enjoy the content you ask the influencers with to share, the more sales your business will earn.

Make sure your content is free of mistakes

Another important part of creating good quality content is how much effort you put into making sure it looks professional and presentable to everyone. Grammar and spelling mistakes can really be a problem when it comes to online content and they can really degrade your company’s image.

The best thing you can do in order to avoid this is to always make sure that the content you provide the influencers you work with is free of mistakes and easy to read. There are plenty of tools and services you can use in order to make this process easier for you;


If you’re looking for a tool which will help you correct most of your mistakes while you’re writing, Grammarly is the perfect choice for you. It is easy-to-use and offers a free trial for those who wish to try it before purchasing the full version.


Sometimes, even the most trustworthy of applications won’t be able to catch every single mistake in your text. A professional writer is the only reliable person who will be able to help you perfect your content. RewardedEssays will help you come in contact with a said professional for your writing needs.

Hemmingway Editor

This online editor offers a creative and easy-to-understand way of correcting your text’s errors. What’s special about it is that it highlights each mistake in a different color and gives you suggestions on how you can correct it.


This great platform will help you find a professional editor who will be able to optimize your content and make sure it is ready to be used by your influencers.

Apart from these options, you can also use tools like AcademAdvisor and HotEssayService in order to get some tips on how to improve your writing skills and brush up your grammar and spelling knowledge.

In general, working with a professional writer or a professional writing service is usually a better option than using an online tool to correct the mistakes in your content. A machine will simply never be able to perform as well as a live person when it comes to editing and proofreading written content.

Use relevant hashtag

Last but not least, one of the things that will help your content become easier to find and more enjoyable by your target audience is hashtags. Everyone has been using them and they can really change the way you share your content online.

Influencers always create and use their own hashtags so that they make their followers feel like they belong in a more closed group. Hashtags can help your content stand out and they can also become the beginning of a good online marketing campaign which will further promote your business.

In summation

Creating good quality content that will interest both the influencers you wish to work with and also your target audience doesn’t have to be too hard to create. As long as you are focused on making your content unique and as professional looking as possible, you will be able to get more and more popular influencers to spread the word about your products and services.

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