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How can you improve your search ranking with influencer marketing?

, 19 March 2019

Organic search is the main source of traffic for e-commerce sites (40%). It’s followed by referral traffic (9%) and paid traffic (6%). 64% of internet users rely on search engines and directories to find a business in the vicinity. It’s therefore vital to increase your search ranking, especially on Google. The good news is that influencer marketing could help you in your quest. We’ll explain all in this article.

To increase your search rankings through influencer marketing, several keys are possible, including that of Backlinks. We will come back to this in more detail in the article. A recent study by Stone Temple on 27 000 queries mentioned in particular this phenomenon and was based on the importance of these links to search engines.

Source : Stone Temple
Source : Stone Temple

Make sure influencers share your content

It’s essential to master the codes of what’s known as influencer marketing. According to Wikipedia influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole on social media. Influencer marketing brings many things to businesses, especially concerning their natural referencing. It is now time to study how this new method of communication can make all the difference for your marketing strategies.


To “move up” on search engines thanks to influencer marketing, you have to to manage your interactions with influencers. In this way, you find common ground with them that will not necessarily fit into their sponsored post. Unless it’s part of your marketing strategy.

To be certain of the impact of using influencer marketing in your strategy, it is important to check if the influencer you are collaborating with is sharing your content organically.

With some SEO expertise and a larger community than yours, the influencer will allow you to gain few places on search engines.

This can include Backlinks, essential elements of an SEO strategy. For this, simply ask the influencer to share your link on their pages in an organic way. If they share it, their community will do it too and, depending on the quality of the link, search engines will determine your ranking in a positive way.

In a stylized and user friendly way

Hiring an influencer to promote your marketing campaign or to talk about one of your products doesn’t mean monotonous impersonal content. On the contrary!

It’s a collaboration, a partnership, an exchange of good practices that follows specific codes. It is therefore advisable to agree with the influencer, from the first exchanges, on the way you want them to communicate.

Depending on the target, it’s essential that the influencer uses a stylized language that fits your brand’s line to keep some coherence.

Take the example of the clothing brand Banana Republic. To present their latest collection, they collaborated with more than 800 micro-influencers who were followed for their singular style. Every influencer featured Banana Republic on their Instagram account, tagging @BananaRepublic and mentioning the #itsbanana hashtag.

Source : InstagramTheStyleBungalow

The advantages of having shared content

Creating content is good, seeing it shared by influencers is even better. As mentioned above, search engines valorise quality links, i.e. links that are shared.

Shared content (by influencers) can bring many advantages and benefits to a brand. In particular it will allow you to:

  • Increase your site’s Trust flow. Trust flow spreads from link to link on the Internet. A site with one or more close links to one or more trusted sites will have a high score between 0 and 100,
  • Generate a higher engagement rate. And for good reason, if it’s an influencer who shares your link on their pages, it’s a safe bet that it will touch a much larger target,
  • Extend reach. Working with an influencer on Youtube will, for example, help broaden the audience. On Instagram, it will allow you to reach new niches sensitive to the recommendation.

A recent study by the New York Times showed that 85% of people who share content say they better understood the product and the company. 70% of users surveyed said that shared content directly affects their purchase decision.

Create partnerships with influential bloggers

Select bloggers according on their audience

There are several ways to select a blogger, influencer, or YouTuber for your next marketing campaign. Among them, you can base yourself on their audience. To do this, it is important to identify whether an influencer’s audience and community corresponds to what you are looking for.

Be careful however! An influencer with a strong community is not necessarily the person you should collaborate with. And for good reason, their audience won’t necessarily match with your target and then… It’s a sure way to flop!

It is sometimes better to partner with a blogger with a “limited” audience but which will be much more sensitive to your brand rather than another who will not be directly or indirectly concerned by what you do.

There are new tools like Deep Social to find out about the profile of the audience of an influencer.

Select bloggers according to their editorial line

We can never say it enough. Working with an influencer to promote a product or make a brand speak must absolutely involve coherence!

Before contacting a blogger or an Instagramer, it is essential to familiarise yourself with their editorial line to know if corresponds to yours. If you tend to use a formal style and the influencer is more familiar, there will be dissonance and more importantly incoherence with your communication (and your brand image).

So there’s nothing like finding out before jumping in! There are many  examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns. We can think, for example, of the Moha La Squale x Lacoste partnership which was a real hit

View this post on Instagram

#LaSquale @lacoste 👊🏼 Comme à la maison ✌🏼

A post shared by Mohalasquale (@mohalasquale) on

Source : InstagramMohaLaSquale

Produce content based on your prospect’s searches

In the same vein as editorial line coherence, it’s important to offer content based on your prospects searches. Here, the goal is always the same: better positioning on search engines.

For that, content strategy is by far the best way to generate leads for a company. What are the two key steps of content marketing?

  • Responding to visitors’ concerns by proposing relevant, effective and interesting content,
  • Turn them into “leads” by getting their information through the use of content.

Providing content that responds to your prospects’ concerns also means having a tone adapted to your target. Just like the editorial line, the tone used should be established upstream to reach a maximum of prospects.

Check out now our compilation of essentials to build your content strategy.

Offer free and interesting content for your target

Co-create your content with influencers (to find original ideas)

Influencers are individuals full of imagination to make themselves known, gain maximum visibility and notoriety. This can be a real benefit for brands lacking inspiration!

Many brands use the responsiveness and especially the creativity of influencers to co-create simple, clear and effective content. It’s just another way to use influencer marketing which has already worked wonders!

For example the video Youtuber Norman co-produced with French TV channel OCS on the American series The Walking Dead which made a real buzz (for both parties). A real concentrate of creativity!

And as Isaac Newton said so well a long time ago: “When two forces are joined, their efficiency doubles.”

Monitor the results of your content

Learning to improve your search rankings with influencer marketing is a good thing, analysing the results and understanding the feedback received is even better. There are several ways to track the results of your content. We’ll explain everything here.

On search engines

In particular, you can track your results on search engines. For this, several tools exist and are not necessarily paid. This is the case, for example, with Ubersuggest.

This free and 100% useful tool accompanies you in increasing your search ranking. Ubersuggest allows you to:

  • Have a general view of the domain (and especially of your competitors’ strategies),
  • Perform a SERP assessment (through a report on the top ranked SEO pages),
  • Have keyword ideas to use to improve your ranking around a given semantic,
  • Find topics / content ideas that really interest your target,
  • Get data on backlinks.

On social networks

Just as with search engines, there are also several tools that can track your results on social networks. Among them, we find Buzzsumo, certainly one of the most well known in it’s field.

This trendy tool allows you to analyse the engagement of articles, infographics, interviews and videos on social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+). All for free!

Source :

Thanks to these different possible filters (and a defined theme), you can analyse the various publications that have obtained the most success on social networks.

Buzzsumo also offers two features to take into account:

  • Spotting influencers in your field (on Twitter only),
  • Listing of all the results of your research (in Excel or CSV).

Precisely with a tracked link with PixelMe

For even more extensive results (paid), you can also analyse your results using a tracked link on PixelMe.

Its functionality? You offer to create and manage UTMs, integrate retargeting pixels and follow your paid acquisition in the same link (Source: Officiel site PixelMe)

In a recent interview for French newspaper, Les Echos Entrepreneurs, Maxime Berthelot, CEO and co-founder of PixelMe explained:

“Our platform allows companies to understand which acquisition channels really work, and in what proportions”

Source : Maxime Berthelot

The keys are numerous to allow you to increase your search ranking. Among them, influencer marketing is a complete and stimulating lever for your business. It is, nevertheless, necessary to master the codes and the limits of this new digital strategy to obtain convincing results that are in line with your activity.

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