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Training courses to become an influencer: a booming market

, 25 January 2019

Most influencers today are self-taught, but faced with the professionalization of the sector, it’s a good idea to follow a training course to accelerate your learning of the trade and increase your chances of breaking through.

Becoming an influencer in China

Do you know wanghong? It’s actually the term used to characterize influencers in China. Literally: “celebrity of the web”. And it’s no exaggeration to say that influencer marketing is a phenomenon in the country, the market is now estimated at more than 100 billion RMB, or 13 billion euros, a simply colossal number. Faced with such a boom, training courses have yet to appear. Shanghai CSC University offers a program that promises influence. Students specialize in a key area of ​​influencing (fashion, makeup, dance) and develop their talent. Then they learn to stage it, including a course in video creation.

It must be remembered that in China, numbers quickly take on epic proportions. For example, in France, if the biggest influencers have around 10 million followers on social networks (such as Norman), Chinese stars can easily reach the milestone of 30 million, bringing attractive partnerships with leading brands .

Influencer training in Europe

Becoming an influencer in Spain

Influencer marketing took off a little later here than in France  but as usual the Spaniards have caught up quickly. Europapress (article in Spanish) reported last August on the creation of a dedicated university course, provided by the University of Madrid (UAM), in partnership with Ibiza Fashion Week, no less. It’s understandable then the focus of the program is on fashion influencing.

The University of Madrid trains its students in the subtleties of influencing in fashion (Photo credit: Zarateman, Wikipedia)

The training course promises to teach aspiring influencers how to make their activity a sustainable and profitable activity, without falling into bad practices. In 160 hours – the duration of the program – it should be possible! Any UAM student can register and take this very particular course.

Training in Italy

In the Italian fashion capital, Milan, it’s now possible to learn to be an influencer. The course was born of a cross initiative between the publisher Condé Nast and L’Oréal. The Social Academy, its (slightly cheesy) name, receives 20 students per class for a 5 months cylcle On the agenda: create better, use social networks better, respect the ethical rules and legislation in force (well then), and manage a flourishing community.

“There’s nothing shocking about these courses: «everyone needs to know how to communicate effectively on the Web today» declared a manager of Condé Nas to the French magazine L’Express, in response to doubts about the new training course. Fine. Interested? Good luck to you, the training is in high demand: 2000 applications for 20 places on average, an acceptance rate of 1%, a selection worthy of the Ivy league.

Becoming an influencer in Belgium

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, launched a training course in 2016 on “Digital Storytelling”, with the support of a local High Tech laboratory, MediaLab REC. In the programme:

  • Communication and digital marketing,
  • Management of social media,
  • Management of e-reputation,
  • Video editing and design.

Interestingly, the course is given by real professionals from the sector, from the professional agencies Socialyte and Diagonal View. Enough to ensure staying closer to the realities of the field.

Influencer training in France

In France, business and advertising schools are generally at the forefront of the latest innovations and for some years now have integrated modules related to digital marketing, community management and sometimes e-reputation. They have been the forerunner in Europe.

The fact remains that there is not yet a university training dedicated in the strict sense of the word learning influencing. Independently run courses are raising a few eyebrows, as evidenced by this revealing tweet from a well rooted conception of influencing in France, according to which it is a rather innate talent and that cannot really learn. In any case you are advised against these private obscure courses which haven’t proven themselves to date.

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