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4 ways to have micro-influencers help you build your local notoriety

, 10 January 2019

Micro-influencers have a degree of influence and a cost which should normally be adapted for a local business. We then need to know the best ways to mobilize them.

The phenomenon of « hyperlocal » micro-influencers

Micro-influencers have 60% higher engagement rates than mega-influencers (source: Adweek), making them a profile of choice in building a pool of influencers for a marketing campaign.

The advantages of micro-influencer marketing are an open secret; many marketers have understood the interest, especially those who regularly follow the getfluence blog! But do you know that there is a subset of micro-influencers with even higher engagement rates?!

Say hello to “Hyperlocals”, creators of content that focus on a city, or perhaps a region. What’s the interest ? It depends on the sector. Hyperlocals for food provide recommendations on the best restaurants; for fashion, expect good tips for your shopping in town. Travel hyperlocals can also share info on the best places in the region!

Naturally, these Hyperlocals attract an ultra-local audience, or at least followers who pass through the area concerned. They are therefore the best partners imaginable for any business with essentially a local activity.

Rely on local microbloggers

When thinking about local micro-influencers, many web marketers are only interested in social networks and don’t think about a subset, namely local bloggers! As a result, they are less sought after. Yet, a blog post about your local business will certainly have more impact than a basic Instagram post.

The challenge is then to identify them. A first check you can do is very simple and consists of a Google search. Indeed, others have probably already searched for the best bloggers in a specific area and have done the job for you. It is usually sufficient to type “best bloggers” followed by the name of the area. For example, a search on the best bloggers in New York gives you this article as a first result on Google. Right on target !

Of course, if your search is more precise, it may be wise to use an intermediary, typically a platform for connecting advertisers and bloggers.

Use micro-influencers for your physical store

Among the most obvious local businesses in the first place are physical stores. They can use the services of local influencers to promote their activity.

For example, the Bedrock Real Estate agency in Detroit mobilized local influencers to revamp the city’s image and show potential clients (real estate investors) that the city was alive and encourage people to invest in it. Among the micro-influencers concerned, the creator of Slow Roll, a local tourist attraction (by bike), was put to use in a video called Anthem of Us, to the glory of the city.

Use local micro-influencers for your event

Your business can be national or international, but your promotional activity will necessarily be local at a given moment, e.g. if you organize an event. A very good example is the Guinness beer brand’s celebration of its 200th anniversary in the United States. The brand hired the services of local influencers in four major US cities: New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Boston.

So Blake Scott, a lifestyle influencer in LA was not only invited to the local Guinness event, but also to pose with the beer in an iconic place of the city.

Influencer marketing knows how to answer every need. Now you’re well informed for your next local campaign! You want to dig deeper into the subject? Refer to our article on finding micro-influencers for your startup.

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