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Influencer Marketing Manager: what does this new profession consist of?

, 1 January 2019

Influencer marketing has become a full-fledged segment of online marketing, and like any specialty, it has its experts. In this case it’s about web marketers who are specialized in carrying out influencer campaigns. We’ll tell you more in this post about this new increasingly in demand role.

State of play of a new profession emerging in the USA

Unsurprisingly it’s in the USA that this new trend is the most visible. A sign that speaks volumes, currently lists no less than 7,200 job offers labeled “Influencer Marketing”. We find different types of employers like Nike, Revlon, or IBM.

Nike was a forerunner in influence marketing. It’s hardly surprising to find the firm among the largest employers in the field. (Photo credit: Eddy Lackmann, Unsplash)

For example, Nike is looking for a Global Influencer Marketing Manager, a high-profile job for which the future recruit will “help the Nike teams to grow and deepen the relationships with the leaders in entertainment globally.” The job’s main responsibility? “Develop strategies and business plans for the Global Tier 1 entertainment influencer portfolio. ” Quite a programme.

In comparison, Indeed offers 45,000 Social Media Manager positions, five times more. But the job of Influencer Marketing Manager didn’t exist a few years ago, so its growth is impressive. In addition, we can expect that the number of offers will continue to grow, as influence marketing continues to gain importance in the marketing mix of companies, whether multinational or SMEs

Its arrival in France via different terminologies

The profession is naturally emerging also in France, which meant it was necessary to find him a French name. Not only because of national snobbery, but also because job offers must theoretically be written in French, it’s the law. The most frequent occurrence is therefore “Responsable Marketing d’Influence”.

In France the role is gradually becoming a core part of marketing teams (Photo credit: Studio Republic, Unsplash)

Sometimes a company, especially a medium sized one, looks for a candidate with both hats. Thus more complex titles such as “Social Networks and Influence Manager” are flourishing, although it’s doubtful that the same person can manage two activities that are as time-consuming as social management and influencing.

A role that benefits brands

In the beginning influencer marketing was more of an experiment which was often devolved to the PR or marketing team in place, without anyone being entirely dedicated to it. But soon companies noticed the Return on Investment, and this usually justifies a full-time job.

Centralize needs, communication and promote efficient processes

Influencer marketing is a separate segment of online marketing. It’s more time-consuming, because the marketer must manage human relations (influencers) which is a more demanding process, and requires a certain talent in communication. This is why it’s important to assign a dedicated resource for more efficiency.

A role that builds relationships with influencers in the long run

The best influencer campaigns establish long-term relationships with the same influencers, who can almost become a sort of Brand Ambassador. Maintaining such relationships over time requires a regular commitment, and would not fit in as the side role of a traditional web marketer.

The skills needed to manage influencing

The Influencer Marketing Manager must demonstrate abilities or actual experience in the following areas:

  • Relational, to be able to forge close links with a selection of influencers,
  • Project management, in that an influencer campaign is a complex project for which you have to know how to manage the deadlines, resources and responsibilities involved,
  • Negotiation, because each influencer requires a tailor-made partnership, for which the terms will have to negotiated in a personalized way.

If they conduct successful campaigns, the Influencer Marketing Manager can hope to build a team around them. They can also hope to eventually be promoted, for example to the role of Digital Marketing Director. Needless to say: it’s a wise career choice!

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