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How to take advantage of content marketing for an e-commerce site

, 25 December 2018

It depends on the sector, but in many of them, such as fashion or electronics, there is an over-supply of e-commerce sites. Therefore, content marketing is a great way to stand out from the crowd, encourage regular visits to your domain and improve your SEO. Here’s a panorama of the essential initiatives.

The professional blog to inspire confidence

Even in 2018/2019, Google still essentially indexes editorial content. Text, basically. If your site is just a list of products, you’re unlikely to stand out in the eyes of the search engine, especially from your competitors. Therefore, a blog is the opportunity to offer rich editorial content that’s more likely to be noticed by Google’s crawlers.

Likewise, a brand blog provides utility to your potential customers. This leads to a simple principle to put into practice: giving before hoping to receive. With tutorials, you lend a hand to users, and they’ll remember your site when it’s time to make a purchase..

Integrate video into your strategy

That Google still favors text content is one thing, but in 2019, internet users also demand rich and engaging visual content. Videos are more popular than ever and they can integrate seamlessly with your blog through the embed module.

The preferred platform really depends on your sector. A brand like ASOS is happy to publish lots of short effective stories on Instagram. On the other hand, French DIY store, Leroy Merlin offers useful tutorials on their YouTube channel, which now has more than 100,000 subscribers.

A newsletter to build customer loyalty

Even if email is perhaps the oldest online communication medium, having appeared well before messaging apps or social networks, it’s still the most effective.

A customer today is not necessarily a customer forever. The younger your customer base, the more likely they will go to the competition. To keep them thinking about you, it’s essential to set up a regular newsletter, if possible a weekly one. Your prospects might not always open the email, but its mere presence in their inbox is a reminder of your existence. Another good way to stay top of mind when a purchase decision has to be made.

Social networks to encourage virality

Blogging in the ether won’t take you very far in the immediate future. Of course, in the medium and long term, you’ll capture organic traffic from Google. But there is another source of traffic for your new content (and therefore your domain): social networks. As much time must be dedicated to the creation and promotion of the content, and the latter essentially passes through Facebook et al.

(Photo credit : Pixabay, Pexels)

To each sector and audience, its leading network. For example, gamers can be found on YouTube, jewelry lovers on Pinterest, or fans of personal development on Medium. If you’re not sure, feel free to experiment. Opening a new account on one of these networks is easy, and after ten days you’ll have enough perspective to evaluate the success of your content on the platform tested, and act accordingly.

Livechat or Chatbot to facilitate the user experience

Turnkey modules like Intercom can be easily installed on your website, and allow you to establish immediate and real-time contact with a potential customer, and perhaps accompany them in the purchase process. The mere presence of this module is usually a signal that’s well perceived by the visitor, who sees the guarantee of that customer service does exist.

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The dialogue can also take place on Facebook thanks to a chatbot associated with your page. Even better, it can be programmed to automatically answer the most common questions (delivery time or means of payment for example).

Whether it’s a blog post, a video or a viral visual shared on social networks, content is more than ever king!  An ambitious content marketing strategy is a major investment, but it is the best way to overshadow your competitors over the long term.

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