7 steps to become a web influencer

, 20 December 2018

It might seem easy to become an influencer, but those who have succeeded will all say the same thing: it’s the result of many years of effort and hard work. Don’t get discouraged: here are 7 steps to maximize your chances of success and perhaps even accelerate your journey into the VIP circle of the web.

Choose a niche or a growing sector

Become an influencer, yes, but in which domain? If you want to start in cooking, video games or fashion, we wish you luck: they’re totally overcrowded. Don’t give up: just choose a more precise specialty. So, becoming an influencer in vegan cuisine, in massively multiplayer video games or in XXL fashion are more judicious choices, those niches being less overcrowded. You’ll be able to expand your subject once you’ve conquered a loyal community.

Be truly passionate

In reality, it is not just a question of coldly choosing a specialty, just because it looks promising , if you don’t have a very strong affinity already. Indeed, the path to acquired influence is full of pitfalls, and you’ll face frustration and disappointments. Not to mention the lack of income in the beginning. In short, the only way to be resilient is to love what you do, i.e., to be passionate.

This is all the more true as it will come out in the content you create. Your audience will recognize real passion, and it will be truly inspiring for them.

Invest your time

You can’t become an influencer without investing a lot, an awful lot of time. In an ideal world, you’d have the means to live your passion without being paid at the beginning. But otherwise, if you need to keep a day job, then you’ll have to accept to spend several hours on your new business, at the same time as your traditional job. You never get something for nothing, but it’s better to be aware of it before you start.

(Photo credit: Nubia Navarro, Pexels)

Be a creative, not a curator

Most users of social networks like Twitter or Tumblr are curators: they share content already created by others. They stupidly copy sometimes, or they recycle. Only 1% of people actually create content from scratch, and you want to be one of them.

Don’t try to create in quantity: the algorithms that govern the web, be it those of Google or Facebook, tend to favor rich content, for example texts of more than 3000 characters for editorials. It’s better to have one quality piece of content than ten publications without much added value.

Create viral content

We would like to say that this aspect isn’t part of the equation, but you’re publishing on the web and must respect the rules of the game. That doesn’t necessarily mean compromising your content, or worse, standardizing it. Creativity is viral. But it’s even more so if your work plays on emotion, interaction with your audience, or humour. Not easy? The best thing is to tell a story. Story-telling is still relevant and not only for brands In fact, it’s what makes the success of influencers: getting personally involved in their content and building a genuine link with their audience.

(Photo credit: Andre Hunter, Unsplash)

Virality isn’t only a question of substance, it is also a question of form! It simply means showcasing your content with effective bait, such as an intriguing title, a readable visual, a clear intro, etc.

Define an editorial line: a mix between entertainment and education

If you want to become an influential blogger or videographer, you must first define an editorial line. What subject should you deal with and more especially how? Are you going to use a formal or rather familiar tone? Be close or distant with your audience ?

The editorial line makes it possible to give a general cohesion to the numerous pieces of content created. This is the best way to satisfy an audience day after day, and therefore to build loyalty over time.

Continue training in digital marketing techniques

Content creation is only half the work of the influencer. The other half is to actively promote the content.

Social advertising is still very reasonably priced, make the most if it! With Facebook Ads it’s possible to reach thousands of people for a few euros. Spending about fifty euros a month on paid promotion isn’t overdoing it or superfluous. It’s the price of a coffee a day!

Don’t spend money on just any article or video. Be concerned about organic signals. If published content takes hold, spend a little on boosting it and so multiply its reach for a small cost.

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