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4 reasons to use an influencer marketing to support your crowdspeaking campaign

, 17 December 2018

Crowdspeaking is a powerful tool for creating a lot of publicity around your product, service or cause. But to guarantee its success, you still need to make your campaign known. And for that, influencers are your best allies. We’ll explain why, in 4 key reasons.

What is Crowdspeaking?

You’ve probably heard of Crowdfunding, or crowdfunding, which raises funds from Internet users to finance a project, via platforms such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter, the French site KissKissBankBank or Ulule. With Crowdspeaking it’s not about raising funds: Internet users who believe in the project are invited to share it on social networks.

The message is even further apmlified as all the shares are released  at the same time. For example, the 500 Internet users who have agreed to support the project automatically publish the same message simultaneously on Facebook or Twitter. The hashtag that normally accompanies the publication becomes viral and the virtuous circle can begin.
The phenomenon of Crowdspeaking is new and it’s somewhat slow taking off. Thunderclap was a forerunner and undisputed leader for a while but has disappeared. Its successors are called Headtalker or Nouncy. For the moment there are no new French alternatives on the horizon.
Crowdspeaking is particularly suitable for NGOs, since Internet users are always keen to relay good causes for free. But its potential goes beyond just that sector

1- Produce additional information about the campaign

 Your success will depend on your ability to present your project in an engaging manner. But Internet users are always on the lookout for additional sources of information. Influencers, especially bloggers, are budding journalists. They will present your project from a new angle, corresponding to their editorial line. They’ll also make sure that the angle is attractive to their audience, and that the content uses the arguments that will hit the mark.

A blogger will present your project from an original angle. (Photo credit: Headway on Unsplash)

2- Give some momentum to the campaign for its launch

The hardest part of a participatory campaign is the beginning: the number of supporters is at its lowest, and it creates a vicious circle effect. Why would you support a project that seems moribund? To avoid this undesirable scenario, you need a big booster right from launch time.

The smartest thing would be to use influencers to leverage the reach of your launch publicity. It’s not a good idea to use a single macro-influencer. Instead, use a pool of micro-influencers from a variety of networks to reach a large and diverse population. For example, a high-performing pool might include a YouTuber, an Instagrammer, and an influential blogger that you can approach through a networking platform.

3- Communicate on the media where the audience is

If you have an existing community, it’s the first audience to mobilize via your usual channels… But that’s probably not enough. To be effective, a crowdspeaking campaign must reach a large audience. So how can you reach this invisible mass?

It’s possible to use advertising platforms: it will cost you but you will benefit from accurate demographic targeting. Pretty handy, as long as you have a clear idea of your future participants’ profile! Otherwise, you can use affinity. For example, if your project touches on ecology, then locate the networks where this topic is discussed (typically in this cases blogs and Twitter) and get closer to the corresponding influencers.

4- Continue promoting the brand after the campaign (SEO)

The effect of an influencer marketing operation depends on duration. Any partnership with an influencer on social networks should include several publications spread over time, otherwise the support will seem anecdotal. For bloggers, a sponsored article is not only a boost of notoriety at the time of its release, but it is also a powerful SEO tool over time, provided it incorporates a valuable backlink to your official page.

Backlinks allow Google to evaluate your reputation and adjust your own authority accordingly, that is, your propensity to appear its search results. An influencer campaign is therefore a long-term asset for your project, don’t forget that!

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