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Reaching the Snapchat generation thanks to influencer marketing: the Coachella case

, 13 December 2018

In the USA, Snapchat is even more successful than in Europe, especially among teenagers, a target traditionally difficult to grasp. We’ll find out in this post how some brands were successful at attracting this difficult segment at a real-life event, the Coachella Festival, all of course, using the fabulous power of influencer marketing

For fashion brands (Revolve)

Revolve is a major ready-to-wear chain and their annual budget for influencer marketing is astronomical: 650 million dollars (573 million euros). During Coachella, the brand partnered with no less than 416 influencers, some of whom stayed in a hotel entirely booked for the occasion. A pop-up shop was even put at their disposal for fittings. Finally, Revolve even organized a mini parallel Coachella festival, with artists performing a second time, exclusively for Revolve’s guests.

This small army of influencers did a good job: according to Revolve, their publications generated a total of no less than 4.4 billion impressions on social networks (source: Forbes). By comparison, that is five times more than the main sponsor of the festival, H&M.

[bctt tweet = “At Coachella, Revolve got more visibility thanks to influencers than its direct competitor H&M, the official sponsor of the festival!” username = “getfluenceFR”]

A co-founder of the firm confirmed that Revolve clothes worn by the influencers saw their sales soar throughout the duration of the festival, sales on one day even exceeding those of Cyber ​​Monday, and without any discount! Even better, to ensure international coverage, Revolve made sure to include influencers from 13 other countries besides the USA. The brand was thus able to leverage the festival’s international reach to increase sales in all its strategic markets.

For cosmetics brands (Sephora)

For their high profile operation at Coachella, the cosmetics retailer wondered how it could make itself useful to thousands of festival-goers. Making yourself useful is an excellent starting point, and we must recognize that in this case Sephora pushed the boat out, with a giant air-conditioned tent to escape the searing Californian sun equipped with everything you needed to get spruced up.

The French brand Sephora pushed the boat out by allowing festival-goers to get freshened up free of charge. Getting recognition from potential customers is a winning strategy, especially if it’s expressed on social media! (Photo credit: Sephora USA)

The tent also offered free Wi-Fi, and a booth for taking pictures with friends. The brand then encouraged the sharing of the photos on social networks, Instagram and Snapchat in particular, with the hashtag #sephoracoachella. It was used 4500 times, meaning a potential reach of at least 100,000 people.

For banking brands (American Express)

An event like Coachella can be both an opportunity to conquer new customers and to satisfy existing ones, which Amex understood very well. The brand proposed a private club where only American Express card owners were allowed, as well as big influencers, especially invited for the occasion.

The club of course had Wi-Fi to allow everyone to relay their privileged experience in the exclusive area.

For technology brands (HP)

HP chose to demonstrate its technological know-how by offering an immersive experience. In an air-conditioned dome called The Antarctic, visitors enjoyed a 360-degree experience recreating the atmosphere of the Flatland novel a visionary work published in 1884 in which the characters are geometric shapes.

(Photo credit: screen capture

The mostly visual experience,, naturally led to the capture of conceptual videos, to be shared in the form of stories on Instagram and Snapchat: a beautiful technological showcase for HP!

Of course all those campaigns cost fortunes to put in place, and even if they proved profitable, it was still necessary to be able to put upfront such a budget. Rest assured, if influencer marketing can be played out in real life, it can also take place exclusively online, as is the case with the networking platform… And for much more modest budgets, it goes without saying!

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