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Where can you find writers for your sponsored articles?

, 4 December 2018

Sponsored articles are on the rise in the wake of ever higher performing influencer marketing strategies. As with any content, sponsored articles raise the question of their creation. Who should be entrusted with this role? There are several options, one of which is our preference. Find out which one below.

Risks associated with outsourcing production content

Let us first have a quick look at the outsourcing of content production. With in-house creation you control cost, timing, and make sure the content reflects your corporate culture. As part of the editorial content, you ensure the compatibility of the article with your editorial line.

Below are some reasons to justify having an external solution for content production:

  • You want to experiment with the potential of a type of content (photo, video) before recruiting creators internally,
  • Your content creation needs are too irregular to justify a full-time job internally,
  • The desired content is too complex to be created internally (for example a 3D animation video: you’re not going to set up your own motion graphics studio!),
  • You want to see the content posted outside of your own channels, typically specialized publishers, and it makes more sense to let them create that content to be in phase with their own audience.

For editorial content, it’s precisely this last reason that can justify using external means

Find writers on low-cost service platforms (, Fverr)

It’s the selling point of these service delivery platforms: writers who will bend over backwards, available from five euros (it’s often more expensive, fortunately). Fiverr and its French clone are the undisputed leaders of this market.

On, lots of publishers propose boosting your SEO by publishing an article on their blog. The quality is not always optimal but for this price difficult to ask for the moon. (Photo credit: screenshot

Of course, for such a low price, you’ll have to adapt your expectations. The result won’t necessarily be mediocre, but it’s also unlikely to be out of this world. In fact, spending a few euros for an article can be justified if the goal is purely SEO: to get a backlink on a site with a respectable domain authority, regardless of the intrinsic quality of the article. Still, in most cases, we don’t recommend trying it out.

On freelance platforms (404works, Upwork, Malt, Finder)

These freelance platforms in principle offer quality writers. Upwork is the world leader, but in France, Malt has made a significant breakthrough.

As part of a public announcement, no one better than you can write an informative article about your products or services. As for a sponsored article, it should in principle be written by the author of the blog on which it will be posted. This is an essential condition to give it a “native” appearance, that is, to give the impression that the editorial content is in harmony with the rest of the articles.

Freelancing platforms like Upwork or Malt put you in touch with freelance editors, while taking a big cut in passing. (Photo credit: Christin Hume, Unsplash)

Specialized Influence Marketing Platforms (

If you’re taking a qualitative approach, the most reliable option is definitely the use of a networking platform connecting advertisers and influential bloggers.

On, 3000 sites are referenced, giving you the guarantee of finding a publisher or blog relevant to your product or your audience. You can order an all-in-one service:

  • Ordering an article to be written by the blogger, in accordance with the brief provided by you,
  • Following-up of the order and respect of the schedule (by the team),
  • Posting of the article on the blog,
  • Assistance at any time of the production process, if necessary.

[bctt tweet = “By using a dedicated platform for writing sponsored articles, you make sure the posting blog’s audience is certified.” username = “getfluenceFR”]

Another advantage, the influence of the bloggers listed on the platform is certified, which prevents you from falling into a scam (typically exaggerated traffic rates, as happens so often on the likes of

In short, common sense dictates that the best writer of a sponsored article is the owner of the blog on which it is going to be published, and in this case, it’s naturally towards a networking platform that you should turn.

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