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The 5 leading trends in influencer marketing in 2019

, 29 November 2018

Influencer Marketing is gaining momentum as advertisers learn to take advantage of this potentially gigantic segment. In 2019, it’s precisely the campaigns that will surf on the latest trends that will have the highest ROIs. So find out now where to invest your marketing budget!

Stories are continuing their breakthrough

Stories appeared in 2017 but brands really began to take interest in 2018. 2019 will mark their generalization, and Instagram is well positioned to remain the platform of choice in this area, especially in Europe where Snapchat is declining inexorably.

Ben-Itzhak, CEO of Socialbakers, a social media management tool, declared to Adweek: “2018 was really the year of Instagram Stories, and we see brands getting more and more engagement with this format in particular. Next year we’ll see brands using this type of content rather than just promotional publications.”

The kings and queens of Instagram are the influencers, and as usual, it’ll be the brands that combine their potential with that of Stories that will experience the most success, for example in a process of co-creation (confluence).

Broader targeting, beyond millennials

Influencer campaigns have long been focused on the prime target of millennials. Seniors might give the impression of being impervious to influencers, just like teens, reluctant to follow the recommendations of popular figures. In reality, these other populations are not unattainable, on the contrary, you just need to use the right channels. Seniors love Facebook, while Generation X is found on more discrete platforms or specialized blogs.

It must be said that seniors represent a growing share of Internet users, and they’re less and less reluctant to make purchases online, which makes them a target with high potential. For its part, Generation X (born after the year 2000) is aging, and as a result, has growing purchasing power. Advertisers will want to take advantage of this boom.

Esports and gaming influencers, essential in 2019

The phenomenon of esports is often underestimated, even if, in France alone, there are 7.5 million internet users(!) following esports news. So far, it’s mostly the big brands that have become involved, such as Orange or EA. By 2019, it can be expected that more average sized advertisers will also be interested in this phenomenon.

One of the obvious playgrounds is called Twitch, the players’ live video streaming platform. Even mainstream influencers are going on Twitch, such as Norman who’s made his debut on the platform. Twitch is also full of micro-influencers with stratospheric engagement rates. A potential still under-exploited!

The emergence of omni-channel campaigns

A trend born in 2018 is that of the omni-channel campaign where advertisers activate multiple networks at the same time for maximum impact. In an increasingly risk-averse economy, it’s also a diversification strategy, basically, not putting all your eggs in the same basket. For example, a Liqia study revealed that 52% of webmarketers claim to be launching campaigns mobilizing different types of influencers (and therefore different networks), and this proportion is likely to increase.

[bctt tweet = “The most effective Influencer Marketing campaigns mobilize multiple types of influencers across a variety of networks, including Instagram, YouTube, and influential blogs.” username = “getfluenceFR”]

Typically an omni-channel campaign could mobilize:

  • Influential bloggers, by easily ordering a handful of sponsored articles on a networking platform,
  • A pool of micro-influencers on Instagram, including of course visibility in their Stories,
  • A popular YouTuber, to maximize the reach of the campaign.

The tentative first steps of voice influencer marketing

Connected speakers entered several markets in 2018, and in 2019 they’ll likely experience a breakthrough in homes, Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa) generating the bulk of this growth. Brands will be able to take advantage of this new point of contact with their consumers and launch their dedicated apps. They will then want to humanize their approach with a famous voice, and this is where the (mega) influencers will come to the fore! 2019 will see only the beginnings of this new phenomenon, which will develop further over the next few years.

2019 will be another great year for influencer marketing, and you can count on getfluence to keep you informed about what’s going on during the year as well as about the emergence of new techniques. Stay connected!

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