The best of Influence Marketing in 2019!

, 21 November 2018


Influencer Marketing, a booming word that doesn’t need any introduction.

Okay, but why are we talking about it today?

To know why your business should invest in it.

Let’s see some numbers:

94% of marketers use influence marketing

Influence Marketing drives 11x more ROI than traditional digital marketing channels.

83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers over brands

66% from opinions posted by consumers online.

For all these good reasons influence marketing offer a great ROI.

According to Adweek, influence campaigns earn $6.85 media value for every dollar spent -basically you can’t lose!

Let’s see some common questions around Influence Marketing.

What makes this great ROI possible?

Influencers boost brand visibility by bringing authenticity to your business and strengthening your social media presence. It puts your brand in-front of that person’s die-hard readers and connects to them in a personal level.

Why businesses need influence marketing to be successful?

As Ads can be skipped and ignored, relying on them in 2019 is not going to be enough. Just in 2015, brands lost $21.8 billion and this number is expected to increase to 35 billion in 2020.

But, how can an Influencer help a business?

Let’s see how an influencer could help your brand:

  • Writing an article, creating a video about your product or service
  • Promoting your brand on their social media accounts
  • Publishing your post on their website or blog

Okay, that sounds good. But… which Influencer should I choose for my business?

The type of influencer you choose depends on what you’re aiming for with your campaign. Be careful to choose your influencers logically.

Only launch your influence marketing campaigns on the platforms that your ideal customers are using. This might surprise you to know that identifying the right influencers is a major challenge for many marketers these days. In a study conducted by Linqia, 45% of marketers said that it was their biggest challenge in influence marketing. Another 73% of marketers in a survey by Econsultancy also admitted the same.

Much of the success of your influence marketing campaign is dependent on your choice of influencers. Unfortunately, here’s where many brands and marketers go wrong.

One of the best ways to put your business out there is with Sponsored articles.

Content posted on an influencer’s blog or website has benefits that can’t be matched by a social media post. A blog post will be indexed and ranked by search engines, ensuring a longer life online.

Do you know that 70% of consumers would like to learn more about a product through content rather than through a traditional advertisement? Hence, your target audience is more likely to choose to read your sponsored content.

Now that you know about Influential Marketing, where to find these influencers?

French start-up getfluence has worked its way through and developed a tool to find the most relevant influencers for your business.

Marc de Zordo, CEO of getfluence says:

getfluence is a leading one stop solution for connecting brands, agencies with the most influential websites in the world to enhance the brand’s visibility. We help you to engage with your target audience and help to boost your rankings and traffic via the most influential websites, blogs and the social media through sponsored articles.

We also help you to create content-driven influencer campaigns that are related to specific needs in your industry and help to engage with your target audience.

We will also drive your visibility and ranking with Natural referencing, Qualified traffic, Notoriety and Online reputation with our content-driven influencer campaigns.

 Do not worry about the fee, “The platform is 100% free without any subscription.””

So, if you are looking for influence marketing through sponsored articles to promote your business, check out on

Follow them on LinkedIn here: getfluence LinkedIN


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