How much do brands spend for a sponsored article in Spain?

, 25 October 2018

You’ve decided to take on the fourth largest economy in the eurozone with a marketing campaign that naturally includes native advertising. In order to build your launch plan, you need to determine a budget. Yes, but how much can sponsored articles on influential Spanish blogs cost? We’ll guide you.

The context in Spain

In 2014, Spain was still lagging behind in digital advertising, ranking eighth in Europe in terms of spending, far behind the leading trio of Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Digital investments remained below the billion mark (963 million to be exact).

Since then, the country has finally emerged from the crisis and consumption is taking off again, so much so that digital marketing is booming. Even better, the share of branded content and native advertising is increasing in marketing budgets, as shown by eMarketer in its latest country report. In short, there is an offer and a demand, and the market is at last ripe for carrying out native campaigns.

(Photo credit: Javier Bosch, Unsplash)

Moreover, even if they were latecomers to digital marketing, Spaniards are very accustomed to the principle of native advertising as the main daily newspapers in the country, El Mundo in particular, have been using the technique for a long time, in fact much more so than in the rest of Europe.

The cost of an article in Spain: which criteria?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we need to give you a little more detail on the factors which influence the cost. Firstly, the criteria are the same everywhere, in France, in Spain or elsewhere. In fact we’ve already covered the topic in our article on the same subject in France. Here is a quick summary, feel free to check out our article on France (embedded below) if you want details.

  • Blog Traffic: How many unique daily visitors to this site? Check the veracity of the numbers provided by the blogger using SimilarWeb.
  • Domain Authority: The higher it is, the more links to your domain will help you increase your domain authority, and therefore increase your reputation with Google.
  • Your requirements: is it purely an article or have you also asked for photos, a video, or some type of graphics creation? Similarly, the length of the article naturally has a direct impact on the cost.
  • Relaying on social media: An influential blog usually has an excellent follower base on Facebook or Twitter. Check that your article will be relayed there, but be aware that it might imply an additional cost.
  • And other criteria such as the writer’s experience (don’t write the sponsored article yourself, otherwise it becomes an infomercial) or the sector of activity.

Some concrete figures

Let’s get to essential: the numbers. There are so many criteria that it’s not really possible to establish an infallible fee schedule. However, it’s useful to proceed with some data in mind. So you should know that the commonly accepted average varies around 200 euros.

This reputable Spanish blog recognizes that prices are generally lower than those in the English-speaking world, unsurprisingly. Thus, the range given here goes from only €60 up to €350 for a blog with an excellent Domain Authority. In fact, it can go even higher if you use highly influential publishers, who are leaders in their sector.

We find the same order of magnitude on, i.e., prices starting at €125 where they would start at €175 on the French market… Knowing that for the same price, you also benefit from reassurance: the influence of Spanish blogs listed has been verified, and the negotiation with the blogger is managed.

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