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5 low-cost influencer marketing techniques

, 10 September 2018

An influencer marketing campaign can make the sales come flooding into your website. But it doesn’t have to cost millions… or even thousands of euros! We take a look at the initiatives available for small budgets.

1- Instaaa, the mini-influencer agency

Influential agencies like Viral Seeding offer their services to boost your online visibility. They obtain media coverage, engage with influencers, and promote your content on social media. An omnichannel strategy that can be rather efficient but also very expensive.

Instaaa aims to promote your launch to dozens of online directories and media, mostly English-speaking. Still, the generated backlinks will benefit your business, regardless of your audience’s language. (Photo credit: screenshot)

That’s what led to Instaaa, an innovative online service that offers you help with your launch campaign. Instaaa will basically submit (manually) your new product or service to a selection of online directories and listings, mainstream media and influential bloggers. It’s a good way to support your launch campaign by helping it to take off for a lower cost. The first package starts at 39 dollars (33 euros), but the Bootstrapping deal offers much more reach, for 129 dollars (111 euros), which is very reasonable.

2- Niche Influence Marketing, for surgical strikes

It’s impossible to hope to conclude a deal with a mega or a macro-influencer if you don’t have a budget higher than 10 000 €. On the other hand, micro-influencers will open their arms to you!

Mega, macro, micro-influencers? It can be difficult to follow. To be able to differentiate, check out our dedicated article: Which is the most effective? (Photo credit: Antas Singh, Pexels)

Influencer platforms like TapInfluence or Tomoson have understood the potential of micro-influencers, so they are starting to reference them. But there are a lot of them, and they rarely work purely for money, so the process is painstaking. Note, however, the Rep platform, which prides itself on specializing in this segment. It may be wiser to go on a micro-influencer hunt yourself, especially if you’re operating in a niche market. For example, Followerwonk will allow you to search for influencers on Twitter from the keyword (s) used in their bio. If you operate in B2B, check out our dedicated article: How to find B2B influencers for your niche market.

3- Unleashing the strike power of nano-influencers

After micro-influencers naturally come nano-influencers: the latter boast on average an audience of between 100 and 1000 subscribers. Insufficient? Not if you mobilize dozens of them upfront! To illustrate this striking force, watch this excellent excerpt from the film A bug’s life.


Nano-influencers have the highest engagement rates, consistently above 6%, and sometimes close to 10%, where a mega-influencer is more often around 2%. Multiply this commitment by an army of nano-influencers and you get an idea of ​​the near-nuclear strike force at hand.

There are few turnkey services that can easily mobilize this diverse group, if it isn’t Quuu Promote, but only for English-speaking audiences. If you’re in other language markets, it’s up to you to build a network. It’s not easy, but potentially free. For example, create a list of users on Twitter who have already shared your content. They are already apparently, at the least, enthusiastic about your product. You can ask them for their email address, and then, once you have a list of hundreds of contacts, you can use it for new launches, for a dedicated emailing campaign: a simple text format, a familiar register, you are “friends” after all! Show them an ad, and invite them to relay it on the networks.

A good part of them will probably relay the news with enthusiasm. In short, you’ll have understood, you’ll have to manage alone, until a service like Quuu is launched in other languages.

4- Sponsored articles, a tip to maximum ROI

Their potential is sometimes little known, but sponsored articles are an affordable expenditure, opening the door to large audiences. They’re one of the leading practices of native advertising and their effectiveness is well established (see our article “Native advertising: why does it work?” if you have the slightest doubt).


On, registration is free. Then, an order for an article written by an influential blogger and published on their site will cost you on average 300 euros. For a budget between 500 and 1000 euros, the doors of a leading publisher in their domain are open to you.

5- A program of brand ambassadors for the long term

This innovative program allows you to name an admirer of your brand as an Ambassador. It is obviously advisable to choose a user with a minimum amount of influence so that their work to promote your brand is heard, but they don’t already necessarily need to be a big influencer: they can indeed increase their reputation by working with you.

To choose a Brand Ambassador, prioritize these criteria in order: adequacy with your brand, creativity, authenticity and finally existing influence. (Photo credit: YesManPro, Pexels)

The system therefore works primarily for brands that can federate communities of admirers around their products or values. The system is inexpensive, as the Ambassador can be rewarded with products or other benefits related to your business. It’s actually a long-term investment, the advantages of which will grow over time.

If you’re interested, find out all the answers to your questions here: How to run a successful Brand Ambassador program.

Wanting to reduce your budget to the minimum is a laudable intention, but beware of free techniques. Influencer marketing mobilizes human forces, it’s the secret of its authenticity and creativity, and the source of its performance and must therefore most often be paid for. Free solutions are almost always illusions that can turn against you. With the techniques explained above, you’ll activate excellent levers of influence at a lower cost, which will greatly maximize the performance of your next campaign!

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