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9 reasons to launch a brand blog in 2018

, 3 September 2018


Blogs aren’t dead, and the brand blog even less so! Your presence on the web can’t be limited to your commercial website and a few tweets. In 2018, an official blog is more than ever indispensable. We’ll list the main reasons that will finish by convincing you.

1- A formidable SEO weapon

You have a list of keywords related to your business for which you want to appear in a good position in Google’s search results. The best way is to include these keywords in rich editorial content: they’ll be much more likely to be indexed by search engines, which favourise the added value provided to users.

In addition, if the articles you publish are of sufficient quality, other blogs will redirect to the content via precious backlinks. This represents not only an influx of direct traffic, but also a signal that Google will interpret favourably: your domain is visibly authoritative!

The Internet is a network, and those who are authoritative on Google are the most connected. How many sites are redirecting to your domain? (Photo credit: Pixabay, Pexels)

Last but not least, Google also favours pages that are updated regularly. It’s unlikely that your homepage will be refreshed every other day. However, you can enrich your blog with new articles several times a week: Google likes that.

2- An essential tool for B2B

If you operate in B2B, you know that email address capturing is key. You won’t get very far if you merely put up a form to be filled in on your homepage.

A smarter – and more effective! – way to proceed, is to include email address capture modules on a professional blog. Sumo offers such modules which can be easily installed, including via a WordPress extension. If you demonstrate your professionalism through a useful article to the prospect, they’ll be much more likely to leave you their email address. So begins a relationship of trust, conducive to future sales.

3- Build a more human brand image

A blog is basically a highly personal logbook. Therefore, it’s important to use an accessible tone. If you start a brand blog by using the same corporate language as in your press releases, you’re mistaken.

Whatever the sector in which your business operates, a blog must be the opportunity to engage in a human and authentic relationship with your audience. (Photo credit: Juan Pablo Arenas, Pexels)

Blogs are on the contrary the unique opportunity to communicate humanly with your audience, and build an accessible brand image. You’re not sure if you’re doing it right? Check out this simple checklist for your editorial line.

4- The ally of your social networks

You or your community manager have a vital need for content to publish. If your feed consists of repetitive links to your product pages, you won’t break through on social networks! A blog article can feed your pages and therefore your audience with quality content. You can even amortize a single article with multiple tweets spread over time, emphasizing specific passages. That’s exactly what our account @bylinkjuice (in French) does on Twitter, so follow us!

5- Master your information channel

Your blog is your official information channel. It saves you from being exclusively dependent on the press to broadcast your news. In particular, in case of a communications crisis, every second counts to put out the fire. A blog allows you to immediately release your version of events and extinguish the fire before it gets out of control.

With blogs, you have, in a way, your own media, to voice your version, not just the one that the press wants to relay. (Photo credit:, Pexels)

However, it doesn’t replace your other communication channels (such as press relations). It’s complementary.

6- Open the door to guest posts

Once your blog takes hold, it becomes a popular source of information, and potentially a medium in its own right. A great opportunity is to open your forum to external speakers, such as influencers interested in your large audience.

You want to know more ? That’s good, we have a full article on the subject: how to get started with guest posts.

7- Say hello to recurring traffic

Traffic is crucial. Having a visitor one day is good, making them come back every day is better. Give the user a reason to visit your domain regularly! New articles, useful or entertaining, are a good reason for them to bookmark your site.

8- Build your expertise

Blogging in 2018 means offering feature articles, ideally more than 3,000 characters. It’s likely that by embarking on this adventure, you or your marketing team will learn from it.

A blog is the opportunity for your team to become or remain an expert in your field. (Photo credit: Rawpixel, Pexels)

Nobody has all the answers. So, even if you operate in a particular sector, you may still have things to learn. Writing articles will require you to increase your expertise. This can only have a positive impact on your business, especially the development of your products or services.

9- Keep watch

Blogging requires you to remain fully aware of developments in your sector, or even to anticipate them. In fact, a blog can even launch you as a trend setter. So how can you become an influencer in your own market! This is the ultimate goal of blogs, and the path will be long, but if you’re frequent and pro, it’s an achievable result.

Blogs are so important that online marketers recommend always making the page accessible from your site’s header. Blogs do require a dedicated budget in writing and design, but their many assets make them a profitable investment in the medium and long term.

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