How much do brands spend on a sponsored article in France?

, 12 July 2018

You’ve rightly decided to migrate your display advertising budget gradually to native advertising. This will involve ordering several sponsored articles to support your launch. But how much should you budget for this new expenditure? There is no single price structure for such orders, as the criteria impacting prices are numerous. We’ll point you in the right direction.

The real added value of a sponsored article

You may already have an in-house writer who’s in charge of publishing regular articles on your corporate blog. It’s a laudable long-term strategy, but all your competitors are doing the same thing, so your industry is faced with a surplus of content. You therefore have to move out of your own channels to gain visibility on external media. Here again PR efforts are necessary, but not sufficient.

This gives rise to the potential of sponsored articles. However, neither your in-house writer nor your Press Relations officer (who probably usually writes press releases) can do this job. The sponsored article must indeed be written by the author of the site on which it will be posted.

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Indeed, as native advertising, the sponsored article must fit naturally into the editorial content of the site on which it’s posted, so much so that it’s difficult for the reader to distinguish its particularity compared to other articles. Yet, only the author of the blog concerned knows how to reproduce the usual editorial line, to which their readers are accustomed.

With the sponsored article, you benefit not only from the visibility on the site concerned, but also from the writing talents of the team in place. Lastly, let’s not forget the value of the link to your domain (backlink), necessarily present in a sponsored article and which is again an element of great value for your SEO, we’ll come back to that later. It’s this triple value that you get when ordering sponsored content.

The criteria for determining the cost

1- Traffic (number of unique visitors)

This is the most obvious criterion. As with any ad, the cost will depend greatly on the number of impressions. How can it be determined? It’s likely that the site you’re interested in can provide you with data such as the number of unique visitors, or even the usual number of impressions observed when other sponsored articles were published in the past.

Similarweb offers an estimation of the traffic. This estimate is not 100% reliable, but it remains a very good index of the volume of traffic actually received.

Don’t take these numbers as gospel, and feel free to check them online using a (free) tool like SimilarWeb.

2- The Domain Authority

When a media covers your product or your launch, a link redirecting towards your domain is never assured. However, you can request such a backlink to appear as part of a sponsored article, even providing the text for the link in question (anchor text).

A free tool to easily check the Domain Authority of any site is Moz’s Open Site Explorer service.

Of course, the value of this backlink largely depends on the Domain Authority (DA) of the site on which it will appear. This score reflects the reputation of the said site vis-à-vis Google. Therefore, if a link to your domain appears on a site ranked highly by Google (High Domain Authority) it will indirectly favour your own AD, which ultimately means better visibility in the search results. A long-term investment, in short!

3- The brand requirement

Of course the cost will also depend on your brief and the requirements it contains. A first variable is obviously the number of words. An 800-word article doesn’t cost the same as 300-word one. Ideally, make sure that the sponsored article on a particular media or blog is roughly the same size as other posts that are usually shown there.

4- The writer’s experience

As we have explained, with sponsored articles, you’re not only controlling visibility, but also creating content, which must also be paid for. A highly experienced meticulous blogger will probably charge a little more for their services… which is normal!

An experienced writer may be more expensive, but the end result is probably better. (Photo credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters, Unsplash)

Too expensive? It is sometimes possible to write the article yourself. We then speak rather of advertorials. The native aspect of the content is then questioned, but the budget is also more affordable. It’s up to you!

5- The industry sector

There are areas where demand for sponsored articles is higher. This is the case of fashion or cryptocurrencies. Also, the law of supply and demand applies, and the rates go up. On the other hand, if you operate in a less exposed sector with low competitive intensity, it is likely that the cost of a sponsored article is much more reasonable.

6- Posting on social networks

Will the article be posted on the blogger or publisher’s social media networks? This can have a huge impact on its reach, and ultimately on the traffic it will generate for you. It’s essential to clarify this point before ordering, including precisely the number of publications on the networks in question. Typically, it makes sense to agree beforehand on the number of tweets that will be posted once the sponsored article is published.

A few figures

You’ll have understood, there are so many criteria that it is very difficult to release a standard fee list, or it would be as long as your arm. However, here are some figures to guide you in your approach.

In France, typically, if you deal directly with a recognized specialist blogger in a popular sector like fashion, you should expect to spend more than €1000. For example, the bloggers on  Elles en parlent, revealed that they charge €1300 for a sponsored article, adding that the price can vary according to the brand.

The use of a dedicated platform will save you time in prospecting. In addition, prices are generally lower than dealing directly with a publisher. (Photo credit: Pixabay, Pexel)

Too expensive? You still have the option of using a centralized platform, which has more reasonable prices, averaging around €300. On, with a budget of €1000, you can ensure posting by two to three excellent publishers. With €5000, you will get guaranteed visibility on a mix of very influential blogs and major recognized media. Registration on the platform is free. You then choose as you like from hundreds of influential registered sites!

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