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Your competitors are using sponsored articles… And you?

, 3 July 2018

Despite all your press relations efforts you have too little media coverage for your products or services: that’s what decreases the impact of your launches. And it also makes your SEO tricky. Your competitors feature regularly on specialized or general media, benefit from the corresponding backlinks, and collect traffic. What are they doing better than you?

A difference in strategy

Your PR department is struggling to get media coverage. There are some successes, but not often enough. And above all, it’s so uncertain… Sometimes, a press release sent to 5000 journalists or bloggers doesn’t receive any interest, or almost none. Your competitors proudly display on their website the influential media logos that covered their latest launch. On social networks, they proudly tweet links to all those external sites that talk about them. All this while you are have to content yourself with relaying your internal links over and over again…

The difference between them and you? They have integrated an influencer marketing component into their strategy, and notably use sponsored articles.

A missing component in your marketing strategy can ruin your launch. (Photo credit: Pixabay, Pexels)

Have you put all your eggs in the traditional advertising and PR basket? Your competitors have diversified the channels used, limiting the risks and taking advantage of the cumulative benefits.

Why the influencer component is essential

A quick reminder is needed: sponsored articles are editorial content paid by the advertiser to promote his product; it fits naturally into the content feed of the site that publishes it. Most often, it is even written by a journalist of the site or the owner of the blog in question. (otherwise we talk about advertorials)

Because they are, so to speak, camouflaged as normal content, sponsored articles are much more likely to be clicked or read than conventional banners, recommendation widgets, paid lists, or any other type of native advertising.

By using sponsored articles, your competitors promote themselves in a subtle way. They increases their brand awareness as well as their reputation. The result is boosted organic traffic, increased leads, and ultimately profitable conversions.

Publishing a sponsored article immediately increases traffic to your domain (Photo: Negative Space, Pexels)

Sponsored articles also have the advantage of generating backlinks on a site with respectable domain authority. And more backlinks from quality sites is a good signal for Google. The search engine is then likely to prioritize the domain in question. This is potentially why your competitor always appears before you in the search results!

Correct your marketing plan easily

Are you fully satisfied with your performance in display advertising? It’s no wonder the trend is decreasing: no one wants to click on advertising banners anymore!

Should you therefore stop conventional advertising or PR? No. Any marketing strategy must activate multiple channels. Just don’t forget about native advertising and the influencer component.

Make no mistake: when it comes to native advertising, the number 1 opportunity lies with writing (articles), far ahead of video or multimedia storytelling (source: Native Advertising Institute).

77% of publishers consider sponsored articles as the most effective type of native advertising. (Graphic credit: Native Advertising Institute)

Is it too late for your current campaign? Of course not! A sponsored articles is in fact an easy to obtain asset for your campaign, especially if you’re using a turnkey platform. With, these steps are simplified:

  • Identify influential and relevant sites for your campaign,
  • Order a publication on one or more of them,
  • Analyze the performance of articles published in this way.

Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum! Sponsored articles are an essential part of your marketing strategy. Your competitors are certainly using it already. It’s up to you to correct the situation! It’s never too late, and the effects will be immediately noticeable in the short term on your traffic, and in the long run on your SEO.

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