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Influencer Marketing, the best route for cryptocurrencies

, 26 March 2018

The world of cryptocurrency is currently facing restrictions on advertising from the largest online platforms: Facebook, Google and most likely Twitter. On Facebook, it’s already officially forbidden to promote cryptocurrencies, or ICO (Initial Coin Offering) fundraising via the launch of a new coin. As a result, Influencer Marketing and native advertising appear as the principal remaining channels for the blockchain players.

The end of advertising on major networks

Facebook was the first to launch the offensive against cryptocurrencies, announcing the ban last January on any such advertising on the world’s largest social network.

Facebook prefers to lose out on advertising revenue from the world of cryptos. (Photo credit : Pixabay, Pexels)

We thought Google and Twitter would rub their hands at the idea of the transfer of advertising investments to their respective platforms. We were mistaken: last week, the former announced a ban similar to that carried out by Facebook. It will take effect from next June. That left Twitter, which has been the subject of consistent rumours since last week, relayed notably by Sky News, according to which the network will in turn ban cryptos.

The reasons for the ban

The world of cryptocurrencies is paying the price here of a major lack of regulation. The legislator is slow to take an interest in these new assets and to legislate accordingly, resulting in something like the wild west.

To make matters worse, many investors are newcomers, little aware of the precautions to take before any investment. They are naturally the target of malicious operators, quick to take advantage of their ignorance, in order to extort them.

Bitconnect was an open-source digital currency based on a Ponzi scheme. Its price collapsed in January, ruining many of its investors, especially those who came in last. One more case discrediting the world of cryptos.

Advertising platforms are therefore taking the lead by banning, perhaps momentarily, ads, to protect their users, until the sector is better regulated.

Alternatives available for blockchain players

Marketing for cryptocurrencies is a very particular segment, with its own channels of choice. Therefore, lesser known social networks like Steemit or Medium, discussion forums like BitcoinTalk, or even messaging apps such as Telegram, rule the roost. A company wishing to convince investors to acquire tokens as part of an ICO will have to operate primarily on these networks. A full time community manager is also essential.

As part of the promotion of an ICO, it’s also recommended to list it on specialized sites like ICObench. What’s even better, (self-proclaimed) institutes such as ICOrating or Digrate propose, for payment, to note the ICO and then send the report to pools of investors.

So, influencer marketing is certainly king in the field of cryptos… Which brings us directly to the next point!

Influencer Marketing, the ideal channel for cryptos

The world of cryptocurrency is populated with junior investors, looking for the next investment that will multiply 100 times or more their initial placement. Few of them however really know the specifics of existing currencies or, in the context of ICOs, the plans behind these new coins.

Most investors base their positions on the recommendations of specialized bloggers, operating on Medium, on YouTube in Vlog mode, on Twitter in microblogging mode, or directly on their dedicated sites. Some influencers have built their reputation by advising the world before such or such investment turned out to be indeed very fruitful.

The biggest mega-influencers even have the power to impact on the price of a cryptocurrency or change the outcome of an ICO. (Photo credit:, Pexels)

For a new entrant to the market, it is therefore essential to use influential media services or bloggers. This is especially true since the traditional advertising channel has become mostly compromised.

The Situation in France

In France the main sources of recommendations for crypto-investors are Twitter and YouTube, in particular Hasher, as well as some authoritative news sites. The forum of choice is, quite unexpectedly,


News sites are regularly consulted by investors, eager to keep abreast of news about the most promising coins. (Photo source :

With , you can get in touch with , the number 1 site for cryptocurrency news in France, and order a sponsored article . You will then reach a source of choice for the French crypto-investor community. As with any order, will ensure the work is carried out to a high standard and within the deadlines set.

If influencer marketing and native advertising are becoming predominant, in some areas they are an absolute must. The cryptocurrency sector is clearly a pioneer in this area.


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