A simple checklist for your editorial line

, 5 March 2018

If you own an official blog, you should have an editorial line. It is intimately linked to your brand, your target or audience, and your Brand Guidelines. Consequently, there are as many possible editorial lines as there are brands on the market. That being said, there are a few things you almost always need to check, no matter what your business or industry is. Here is a simple checklist to make sure your editorial line provides an adequate voice for your brand. It consists of 5 key words:


  • Thoughtful

Your articles mustn’t provide superficial information. They really have to be useful to your customers, so that they may say, “This content is really useful to me. They know what they are talking about. “


If your content gets special attention and is inspiring or helpful to your customers, they will show their gratitude. (Credit photo : Pixabay)

  • Interesting

It goes without saying that being useful is one thing, being interesting is another. If the substance of, your content is pretty boring, then there are always ways to make it more interesting through its format: think visuals, computer graphics, videos, or even animated GIFs. Read again our article dedicated to the subject: Content Marketing: How to outdo your competitors.


Original or authentic visual communication can offset a text whose substance is a little lacking. (Credit photo : Noah Buscher, Unsplash)

  • Proud

Are you proud of the content you post? If you’re not proud of yourself, it’s unlikely your audience will be wowed… Yet their reaction to reading your articles should be: “They’re really the best in their field, what a great company! “

  • Frank

Say things as they are. Your audience’s trust is your most precious asset. If they think, “this business tells it like it is,” then you have succeeded.

The CEO of Sonos gave a great example in February 2018 by saying in a tweet that Apple’s new speaker, the HomePod, “easily” beat his own product. The twittersphere applauded. It’s up to Sonos to produce a better product now. But the day the same CEO claims to have the best product on the market again, customers will take him for his word.



(Source : Twitter)

  • Human

Your reader (and potential customer) must feel that the text they are reading was written by a human, not an artificial intelligence or an array of corporate managers! This is the necessary condition for creating an emotional relationship with your audience.


Without a human voice, your audience will not develop empathy for your brand. Credit photo : Malvestida Magazine, Unsplash)

It can be difficult to get out of your corporate language. Why not outsource the creation of content to an influential media figure? You will benefit from their experience in the field and a resolutely authentic voice to promote your product or service. And of course you benefit from their reach. The networking platform puts you in touch with over 2,000 influential media: you’ll find great voices for your brand.

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