5 ways to collaborate between a major brand and an influential blogger

, 27 February 2018

There’s are better ways than just offering a blogger your products or free access to your service, hoping they’ll write an article. Influencer Marketing is any form of marketing that relies on opinion leaders to promote a product or offering. It can take various forms. A successful influencer strategy relies on several of those forms. Find out about them in this post!

Content co-creation

Either you create the content or the influencer does it, right? Think again! There is an intermediate way, that of content co-creation. It’s difficult to co-write an article for a blog, on the other hand, a webinar, a podcast, an eBook or an informative video are typically content that can be produced in partnership with an influencer.


Content co-creation can be even more interesting in the B2B field. (Credit photo : Rawpixel)

What’s in it for the influential blogger? The recognition of working with you, especially if you are a major brand, your power in terms of reach or your content production resources. Without you they would not have been able to create that content and propose it to their own audience.

Content syndication or guest article

Even major media sources sometimes accept external contributions. Of course, it can’t be just an article about your last launch, that would be too easy. On the other hand, a quality contribution on a specific or specialised subject can clearly interest an influential website or blog.

Does your company have experts who are charismatic or thought leaders? Get them to contribute to your content creation! (Credit photo : Taylor Grote, Unsplash)

This is a relatively risky investment, as the prospecting can be long and tedious, with no guarantee of success. To maximize your chances, right from the first email, don’t just ask if your contact accepts guest articles, include also a pitch on the content you want to publish, emphasizing the author’s legitimacy.

Sponsored content

This is the type of collaboration that guarantees the best results. On YouTube and Instagram, it is common to see influencers mention, display or even use branded products. With blogs, the practice is even older but is still growing this year with the ever increasing use of sponsored articles.

This type of advertising is affordable and above all very profitable, as it offers visibility and guaranteed traffic to your domain. Interested? Then check out our post dedicated to sponsored articles, why and how to use them. Or try LinkJu ice.io directly!


The Brand Ambassador

You’ve had a satisfactory partnership with an influencer, with a notable gain in qualified traffic? You can go further and name them Brand Ambassador. You can enjoy the long term benefits of the visibility acquired.


Eventually, your Brand Ambassador can become one of the faces of your business and make your brand more human. (Credit photo : Rawpixel, Pexels)

Behind this pompous title lies a role that can be more or less formal. This can take the form of a contract if the partnership becomes very close or regular, including an exclusivity clause.

Organizing an event

You are organizing a ceremony, a conference, a launch party, a seminar, etc.? Why not take the opportunity to do this in partnership with a major influencer?


The presence of a major influencer at your event will act as a magnet to other potential participants. (Credit photo : Marcos Luiz Photograph, Unsplash)

You will increase your event’s interest, and it is a safe bet that the influencer will promote their presence on their blog and / or social networks, for example by proposing a retransmission of their live appearance on their Facebook page or Instagram. This is the typical example of a win-win partnership.

A partnership with another company (co-marketing)

The boundaries between influencer, blogger, media source and brand are increasingly blurred. Many influencers claim that they develop their personal brand, while advertisers develop their own influence.

Therefore, a partnership with another brand can be likened to Influencer Marketing. Call it Influencer co-Marketing! Each brand then benefits from the strength of the other to allow their discovery by their respective audiences. While influential blogs often partner with each other, big brands are still reluctant to do it.

To be a win-win deal, a partnership between two influential brands must be the subject of a joint press release and posted on the respective social channels of the two entities. (Credit photo : Adidas)

Influencer co-marketing can just be an exchange of visibility, as Moz’s online service (specialized in SEO) does by promoting other useful tools. It can also take the form of an ambitious campaign, such as the launch of a new pair of Adidas sneakers in the colours of the BVG, the Berlin transport company. Buzz guaranteed!

Influencer Marketing is still in its infancy. Webmarketers are encouraged to test different forms of partnership to find the one that best suits their industry… and why not invent new ones!


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