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Content Marketing: 8 must-have services

, 26 February 2018

You have set a budget, developed a robust strategy, prepared a high-calibre content schedule; your Content Marketing must now be implemented. That’s a considerable amount of content to produce or have produced, upon which rests the success of your campaign! Fortunately, there are tools and services that can significantly increase the potential and reach of your content. We list them in this article.

Copyscape to avoid plagiarism

Copyscape scans your content and notifies you of plagiarism. It’s just what you need to avoid any problems due to a careless or unscrupulous copywriter!

There is even a Copyscape plug-in for WordPress. A “Copyscape Check” button allows you to check the authenticity of the text before it goes online, while staying in the WordPress editor interface. It’s really convenient.

Gimp for the visual touch

A nice headline image for your article is a good way to attract more clicks and increase the perceived quality of your content. Unfortunately, a Photoshop license is expensive, not to mention the use of a designer. The best alternative is called Gimp. Free and easy to use, it allows you to create, edit and compose slick visuals.


Gimp is probably the best free alternative to Photoshop. (Credit photo : Gimp)

And to source the photos, remember that Pexels and Upsplash offer lovely images that are royalty free, even for commercial use.

Easelly to add graphics

There’s nothing like nice graphics to enrich your article or to promote it on social networks. Easelly is a fabulous tool to create lovely graphics without the help of a designer.


Using Easilly doesn’t require any design skills. (Credit photo :

The site offers thousands of templates to use as a starting point, with infinite editing possibilities through modules to drag and drop as you please.

Tagboard to choose the right hashtag

Sharing on social networks is the main channel for promoting your article. For this purpose, the choice of hashtag can multiply the reach of your post on Instagram and Twitter, and thus the number of clicks towards your content.


The tool is in English but works for checking French hashtags. (Credit photo : Tagboard sur Facebook)

Don’t choose the hashtag lightly. A tool like Tagboard allows you to measure directly the potential of each hashtag and find the one that will make your content resonate on social media. If you have created a specific hashtag for your campaign, it is also the essential tool to check your success and virality

MailChimp for prospecting

As you know, publishing content is not enough. Then you have to share it. And surprisingly email remains the most effective way to date.


This little monkey will save you a lot of time by automating your emails.

MailChimp is the best Email Marketing service. It makes it easy to build an email list, schedule a campaign, measure results, and manage unsubscription requests.

MailChimp is free up to 2000 contacts. And it remains very affordable beyond that. to collaborate with influential sites

What if you left the creation of one of the articles in your content calendar to influential bloggers? For an attractive price, you can leave the writing AND publishing of your content to high-profile media figures that operate in your field.

It’s a sure way to publish qualitative content — it’s their job — and of seeing it published on an influential site and thus reaching a new audience. has 2000 specialized sites. You should find partners that are relevant to your business.


EXTRA BONUS: Headline Analyzer & AtomicReach

These two amazing tools work for English content only. The title, or headline, is probably the most important element of an article. It is the one that will trigger the click — or not — on the link to your article, whether it be visible on your homepage or more likely on a Google search page or on a social network. A good title can multiply by ten the success of an article.

Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer service analyzes your title, notes its potential for virality, and tells you how to improve it.

AtomicReach goes further (but for payment): its algorithm scans all your text and, based on 20 factors, gives it a score out of 100, corresponding to its potential. Of course, the tool suggests how to improve this score. You can even indicate your target audience. The tool will then take that element into account. Magic.



Put artificial intelligence at the service of optimizing your English language content. (Credit photo : Atomic Reach)


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