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How to identify and work with influential blogs

, 15 February 2018

Influential blogs have won the trust of a qualified audience who follow their recommendations, in particular with guidance on online shopping. Collaborating with these media figures is essential as part of an online influence strategy. But there are 164 million blogs on the internet and the most influential bloggers are already highly sought after. How can you identify the most relevant influencers for your business and offer to work with them? We look some avenues to explore in this post.

Look around you!

This is a first avenue all too often overlooked and yet it is the most effective; influential bloggers are perhaps be found among your fans, or even among your customers! A tool like Social Rank allows you to sort your Instagram or Twitter followers based on many criteria, including influence, and maybe find some big kahunas.

Similarly, if you have a database of email addresses, for example those of your leads or even your existing customers, you can upload it to a fictitious Gmail account created for the occasion. Then you just need to import the Gmail list from Twitter on this page. Voila, you can find out which of your customers are on Twitter. Those are probably the first profiles to follow! There could well be interesting profiles among them, those with more than 10,000 followers.


Under the pretext of “finding friends”, you can actually find your clients’ twitter accounts. A gold mine!  (Credit photo : Twitter)

Find influential bloggers via their social reach

Influential bloggers are usually very active on Twitter. And their influence is naturally reflected in their number of followers. It’s just a number, which can be manipulated, but let’s say it’s a very interesting first step. It’s up to you to decide which ones to retain after.

While not forgetting Twitter’s advanced search engine, and of course Buzzsumo, you can also try BirdSong Analytics. This tool will allow you to extract the followers of a specific account to an Excel file and then sort the list by number of followers, or if necessary, using keywords related to your industry. For example, if you are a new player to the e-commerce shoe segment, extracting the list of followers from the @Zalando account, then identifying their most influential followers, should help you to find a few pearls…



Klear has the advantage of not only scanning social network profiles but also blogs.  (Credit photo : Klear)


Finally, Klear is an even more powerful— but paid— tool that identifies influential blogs by keyword, as well as influencers on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. It allows you to filter the results by “influence tiers”: Power Users,

And how about offline contacts?

You have a great chance of meeting influencers at events such as trade shows, seminars, conferences, fan meetings, etc.

Behind a seemingly ordinary visitor to a trade show, lies perhaps an influential blogger… (Credit photo : Stefan Lorentz, Pexels)


In some sectors, influential bloggers receive press releases and more or less serious proposals for partnerships every day. It’s hard to stand out. A face-to-face meeting is an excellent introduction and maximizes the chances of future collaboration.

Check their domain authority

You have your “hit list”, that is to say your list of about fifteen bloggers to contact. Fine, but one last check is needed, their domain authority, which is their popularity in Google search results. If a site with a high domain authority is talking about your product and includes a link to your site (backlink), it’s all good for your SEO because it boosts your own domain authority in Google’s eyes. On the other hand, if a site with a very weak domain authority covers your product, the link could be toxic and penalize your SEO!

Domain authority is not an official indicator published by Google. But external tools can be used to assess it, most of the time with a score out of 100. The reference in the matter is undoubtedly Moz, which has the advantage of being free.


Action! An email, straight to the point, yet personalized

If you’re approaching an influential blogger, remember you’re not the first, so save time, yours, and that of your contact! There’s no need to use a convoluted approach to justify and propose a remuneration for service rendered. Get straight to the point, while remaining professional.

Influential media figures receive proposals for partnership daily by email. Adopt a direct and professional approach, and don’t hesitate to mention remuneration terms upfront. (Credit photo : Pixabay, Pexels)


However, saving time does not mean copying and pasting the same email for each influencer. The “bulk email”, that email sent to a whole panel of contacts, is not good idea. Adopt a direct, short, but personalized approach. The blogger must have the feeling that you want to establish a real relationship with them. It should be your objective.

Centralized platforms

If you’ve got this far, you’ll have understood; identifying influential bloggers is not a panacea. Fortunately, there are also centralized platforms that have already identified the media figures that count for each industry.

Choose a platform that performs a manual selection: they have made the selection for you and you avoid taking risks! references 2000 influential blogs and media figures. The platform also takes care of the introductions and validates the content created for you. Voila!


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