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Why Content Marketing must go hand in hand with Influencer Marketing in 2018

, 5 February 2018

Content Marketing represents on average 25% of the total marketing budget. Companies have realized its enormous potential in the areas of brand image and SEO. The goal is to create, publish and share content with the aim of building the reputation and visibility of the brand. However, the return on investment is sometimes uneven. Brands face consumer mistrust. To maximize the effectiveness of these expenditures, Content Marketing must now go hand in hand with an Influencer Marketing strategy. We explain why, and how.

Do you know your audience well… and their influencers? (Credit photo : Kaboom Pics, Pexels)

Enter Influence Marketing: Identify influential media and get them to write and distribute articles about your product or offer. In short, you are outsourcing content creation and its dissemination. While we’re on the subject, that’s exactly what a centralized platform like offers. Guaranteed results, and productivity gains to boot.

Influencer content: quality and authenticity

A past strategy was to publish as much as possible to increase the chances of links and artificially boost ones SEO. It is an operation doomed to failure. On the contrary, quality content, even if less prevalent, will naturally generate a multitude of links, very often of better quality.

What is quality content? Simply content that responds positively to this question: is it interesting or useful for my audience? That sums it up: the content must be authentic and useful. Now, influencers have built their success on this ability to offer engaging content, so they are creators of choice.

By using an influencer, you tell an authentic story about your product, through a trusted source to your audience. Bingo!

An SEO-friendly strategy

By communicating outside your blog and therefore outside your domain (, you thus generate backlinks to your site from other domains. This is a positive signal that Google will interpret by improving your page rank, which is your average position in the search results.

Influencers bring voluminous and qualified traffic. Also a link to your website on a legitimate site will boost your page rank more than ten links would do on minor blogs. High level Netlinking, in short!

Measure on Google Analytics the results of your Influencer Marketing campaigns (credit photo : Negative Space, Pexels)

One last positive collateral effect? If the influential media also posts the content on their social networks while mentioning your account, their followers could become yours! The growth of your visitor numbers is also a positive signal for your position in the search results … Google sees all!

Multiply your conversion rate

It’s one thing that the broadcast content be authentic and can improve brand image. But all this is difficult to measure. At the end of the day, the objectives required of the marketing department are, rightly, more and more quantitative. In this case, the use of influential media for the writing of advertorials means an expense that must be amortized.

Increase the conversion of your content thanks to influenceurs ! (Credit photo : Raw Pixel, Pexels)

No worries: content created by influencers has a conversion rate that is three to ten times higher than that promoted directly by the brands themselves. And the ratio goes up to a factor of x22 versus the recommendation of an average consumer (source: eMarketer, 2017)! Enough to convince your management if they are still hesitating to allocate the budget for Influencer Marketing …

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