The smart way to monetize your website

, 1 February 2018

For a long time, banners and pop-ups remunerated per CPC and CPM were the be-all and end-all of online monetization. But Internet users are increasingly resistant to these intrusive advertising formats, not to mention those who use an ad blocker. As a result, revenues from display advertising have been falling steadily for several years. Fortunately there are smarter solutions to monetize your audience. We have selected the five most effective strategies in 2018.

Discover Affiliate Marketing

It’s about recommending a product or service, incorporating an affiliate link into your article to redirect your visitors to the site selling the product or service in question. You earn a commission on the sale, ranging from 10 to 50% of the price. For example, you write a nutrition blog and recommend a new superfood. Your tempted reader proceeds to the checkout with a basket of €50; you receive around fifteen euros.

Respect your audience, they are your most precious asset! Recommend products in which you really believe, and ideally you have already tried. Also, be transparent about the fact that the link is sponsored.

There are many affiliate platforms, but you can also directly join those of a major online merchant such as Amazon ou Rakuten.


Your recommendations lead to online purchases? Receive a commission. Photo : Photo Mix, Pexels

Sell your own content

It’s almost impossible to sell standard articles, especially if your audience has always been used to viewing your site or blog for free. On the other hand, if you are an expert in your field, why not write an ebook?

You will need to spend a lot of time writing and designing. Is it better than ebooks already available? Make sure you do a comparison before. One possibility is to recycle dozens of previously published articles and synthesize them in a new format, then promote it to new readers.

There are turnkey solutions, like PayPal, to protect your ebook behind a payment wall.


Rawpixel, Pexels

Write sponsored articles

Your site has reached a large and qualified audience? Many brands would dream of reaching your readers. However, the respect of your editorial line is essential. Therefore, keep control over the sponsored articles that you post. The best, of course, is to be the author of the articles yourself! Furthermore, differentiate clearly the sponsored articles from the purely editorial ones on your site. It’s a question of ethics, but it’s also the law.

However, it can be tedious to find customers, and negotiations can drag on. In this regard, the platform is your best ally. Once your website is referenced, you will be visible to more than 500 potential customers. A brand can then ask you to write about its offer in turn for payment. You are free to accept or not. acts as a centralized platform and trusted intermediary. As a result, there are productivity gains on both sides and a win-win deal.

This is probably the most effective way to monetize your influence while respecting your audience.

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Generate leads

The email addresses of potential consumers are a goldmine. Email marketing is not dead, quite the opposite. Capture your visitors’ email addresses—the potential leads—and sell the lists to brands interested in this audience. A file of 1000 email addresses can be sold for 40, 50 euros or even more, depending on the industry concerned.

There are lead generation modules that can be easily added to your blog. Check out Sumo or Wishpond. If you can’t sell your ebook, you can allow its free download under the condition that your visitor enters their email address!


Your readers are probable an ideal target: monetize their email addresses. (Photo : Joe The Goat Farmer, Flickr)

AdSense always makes sense

Admittedly, display advertising is no longer sufficient on its own to generate a decent income. It remains nonetheless a significant source, if you choose the right management. AdSense is a sure bet because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Google’s offer is easy to set up and adjusts the ads displayed based on the content published on your site.

Payment is based on cost per click (CPC), between about € 0.50 and € 5 per click. Of course, the higher your traffic, the more it can pay big, sometimes hundreds of euros per month. Make sure though, not to have too many advertising formats on your page; visitors could turn away from your site and the effect would be counterproductive…


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