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, 9 January 2018

Hello, was launched unannounced over a year ago to make it easier to market available advertising spaces (sponsored articles, website link posting, representation on social media) to companies from the media network of our company, DIGINOV, which publishes content for sites including,,,, and

With more than 500 active advertising companies on the platform in the first 12 months, 50% of which are international companies, and the (initially unexpected) inclusion of partner content publishers also wanting to make money from their online media spaces (which we did very successfully!), we have decided to launch a much more advanced, ‘official’ version which will solve the different problems in the market.

Why launch a new online networking platform between advertising companies and publishers of influential websites?

For several years, as a publisher of online media, we have tested the majority of networking platforms and the possible ways of marketing the advertising spaces of online media.

The problems identified are:

1/ The platforms are unsuitable for the wide variety of ways of working together

Between the advertising company that supplies the content, the one that wants to sign off on the content before it goes online or indeed the one that supplies content not suited to the content publisher’s conditions, there is often a lot of back and forth exchanges or even the use of email for discussions outside of the platform in order to finalise the details of a working partnership.

Furthermore, several advertising companies sometimes wish to assign a budget to a platform so that the latter will carry out searches for suitable advertising media and manage the entire setting-up phase of marketing campaigns before then providing a report.

2) Content publishers have various needs when it comes to management while online platforms tend to concentrate on a particular type of management

A content publisher, depending on the type of media they use, will either want to handle the writing of the content ordered by the advertising company, or delegate it to copywriters to save time.

Certain content publishers wish to give full responsibility for the handling of orders from advertising companies to someone else, from the negotiating phase to the brief as well as the production of content and its publication online, while others will want to handle everything themselves.

Then there are the content publishers who want to delegate everything to the platform, but who wish to sign off on working agreement proposals before actually delegating the next steps (such as the production of content and its online publication).

As you can see, an adaptable online platform is therefore required for the wide variety of ways of working together.

3) The online media platforms on offer include too much of those which are of poor quality

A lot of online platforms offer a catalogue with lots of online media which have no internet traffic (stemming from Private Blog Networks or expired domain names which are quickly redirected without any additional value) and little if any real influence.

It is necessary to offer a flexible platform and one which only lists genuinely influential media spaces. solves this whole set of problems.

How does work in practice?

For advertising companies:

As the advertising company, you can place two types of order:

  • ‘Self-Service’: using this method you deposit money to your account and have access to a catalogue of genuinely influential advertising media open to forming business relationships. You can carry out your searches easily with the help of useful filters in order to find the perfect advertising media for your marketing campaign (sort by date, SEO data, internet traffic, search only Google News sites).

It’s you as the advertising company who briefs each content publisher by pointing out in particular whether the content publisher has to draft the content, and whether you want to sign off on the content or not before it goes online if it is the content publisher who is writing.

  • ‘getfluence manages it all’: this is for companies looking for support and/or to save time, you just have to specify the number of articles you want (directories are also possible), the level of quality expected from them, then inform us of the brief and make payment for our services. Then, the io team will take responsibility for identifying the most appropriate influential online media and start writing articles / posts which meet your provide, and will then provide you with a report at the end.

For publishers

As a content publisher, you have two possible ways of working with us for each of your websites:

  • ‘Fully manage all offers’: for those wanting to manage the offers received from advertising companies as well as the negotiating, the writing (when necessary) and the publication online. You will receive 70% of the budget assigned by the advertising company. We receive 30% for the promotion of your media space on our platform and the networking with the company.
  • ‘getfluence manages it all’: our team will take responsibility for receiving offers, negotiate on your behalf when necessary, handle the writing of content while respecting your terms and conditions, and then take care of the publication. You then don’t need to do anything (you can however sign off on each offer if you wish). You will receive 50% of the budget assigned by the advertising company without having to do anything.

Our strength lies in our adaptability and our responsiveness automatically adapts its workflows according to the needs of companies and content publishers. It is a massive increase in productivity for all involved as everything is centralised on the platform, meeting the expectations of advertising companies and content publishers alike.

What are the prospects for 2018?

The platform will be launched in French and English to meet the expectations of our current advertising companies, and will become available in German, Italian and Spanish during the course of the year.

What’s more, the inclusion of marketing campaigns specifically geared towards social networks will take place over the next few months.

Feel free to send us an email, call or Skype us, or you can meet us at this year’s key marketing events that we are sponsoring, such as the SEO Camp Paris 2018, The WebCamp Day 2018 or even at e-marketing Paris 2018.

Enjoy the affiliate program!

Whether you’re an advertising company or content publisher, by joining the affiliate program available from your account, you can receive up to 10% on orders from your affiliated members for life.

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Marc de Zordo

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