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Affiliate program getfluence

We offer you another interesting way to earn money with your website: Redirect to getfluence via an affiliate link or integrate a banner on your website and receive a commission in case a customer becomes an active advertiser.

Step 1

Take advantage of our affiliation program and become a real partner of getfluence. You can take advantage of this service if you have an account getfluence. If you don't have one yet, register here

Step 2

In "Sponsorship", you will find shareable banners in different formats with the code to integrate on your site. Or simply copy the link to integrate in an article for example.

Step 3

FROM 50 GODCHILDREN Get 10% of your godchildren's orders for 1 year FROM 20 GODCHILDREN Get 7% of your godchildren's orders for 1 year FROM 1 TO 19 GODCHILDREN Get 5% of your godchildren's orders for 1 year

Step 4

If you are an advertiser, the affiliate earnings will be added to you cash deposit, which can be used on the platform to place orders.If you are a publisher the credit notes from the affiliate program will be combined with the credit notes from your own activities on our platform and paid out.

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